Grand Majestic Sichuan’s Chef Theign Phan Unveils New Dishes and Flavours

Grand Majestic Sichuan's Chef Theign Phan Unveils New Dishes and Flavours

The Grand Majestic Sichuan is the place to head to if you want to be instantly transported back to the heydey of 1970s supper clubs. To enhance the guests’ time-travelling experience, Chef Theign Phan has unveiled some bold new dishes and flavours, which will take patrons on a sensational journey into the flame-fired depths of Sichuan cookery.

Grand Majestic Sichuan is introducing eight new dishes to the a la carte menu, which now totals 49 dishes, showcasing 20 types of Sichuan flavour profiles.

Chef Theign Phan is well-known for her skill in elevating traditional Sichuan dishes, and the new menus promise a blend of tradition and innovation, showcasing the complex interplay of Sichuan Cuisine’s 24 types of flavour profiles and sensations – sweet, sour, numbing, spicy, salty, bitter, mustard, smoked, umami and more – that defines Sichuan cuisine.

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Returning to the basics, the kitchen team recognises the fundamental importance of key ingredients. Chilli bean paste, chilli oil, soy sauce, sesame oil, peppercorns in various forms and an assortment of dried chillies are cornerstones of their culinary creations. By carefully selecting and utilising these essential elements, they provide a trusted taste of Chengdu-style Sichuan cuisine.

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New dishes by Chef Theign on the updated menu include the Shredded Local Three Yellow Chicken (HK$158) with Sichuan peppercorns and chillis, featuring poached and hand-shredded local chicken tossed in numbing spring onion oil, dressed with chopped chillies and Sichuan peppercorn sauce.

The Jellyfish and Cucumber (HK$188) dish combines delicate jellyfish with crispy cucumber in numbing spring onion oil and spicy radish slivers. Stir-fried seasonal Mushrooms (HK$188) with local Three Yellow Chicken oil is inspired by the use of mushrooms in regional Chinese cuisines, featuring foraged mushrooms sizzled with Yunnan green chillies, garlic, ginger, and luscious yellow chicken fat.

The Jade Tiger Abalone and Wagyu Beef Tongue (HK$488) presents a fragrant and luxurious experience that harmonises the best of land and sea with Sichuan peppercorn broth, celtuce and radish. The melt-in-your-mouth Wok-Fried Grouper Fillets (HK$368) feature wok-seared grouper fillets with a medley of dried chillies, celery, and leeks, boasting a subtle spiciness and maximum wok hei.

Guests will indulge themselves in the home-style goodness of succulent Twice-Cooked Pork Belly (HK$268) enhanced with premium Pixian chilli bean paste and baby leeks, and the Angus Beef Tenderloin Cubes (HK$348) with Chinese zucchini and spicy mustard, a unique twist on Sichuan flavours with creamy mustard sauce.

To ensure that the meal ends on a sweet note, guests can enjoy the Sticky Red Date Pudding (HK$128) with caramel and ginger pudding, a warm and comforting dessert highlighting Chinese red dates.

Reservations at Grand Majestic Sichuan can be made via the SevenRooms booking platform.

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