A Property Expert’s Top Hacks to Help Keep the Energy Bills Down

A Property Expert's Top Hacks to Help Keep the Energy Bills Down

Energy costs are still sky-high and could rise even higher given current world events, and this is before the full onset of winter. One can do some things to help keep the bills down, and Ligita Poskeviciute, a property expert at Grainger PLC, has kindly shared with us some of her top tips on ways to help you to do it.

With winter approaching and energy prices rising, household bills and the general cost of living are set to follow suit for millions across the UK, including those living in rental apartments. Ligita Poskeviciute, Resident Service Manager at Grainger’s Enigma Square development, has put together a guide which should help cut down energy usage in your home and save on rising costs.

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Know your energy rating
All properties have an energy performance certificate (EPC) to measure a property’s energy efficiency. Properties have grades between A and G, with A being the most efficient and G as the least efficient. Recent JLL data shows that, on average, the annual energy bill of a property with an EPC level G is up to £3,000 per year higher versus a property with an EPC of A to C.

When searching for your next apartment, an EPC level of A to C is highly recommended to help save on energy bills throughout the year. Many new build-to-rent developments have an EPC of C or above, with some even guaranteeing a B and above.

Build-to-rent developments are properties that are designed and built with the needs of modern-day renters in mind. These developments tend to be situated in prime central locations, so if you are looking for a new apartment in the city, be sure to check the EPC rating, a simple trick to save some money in the long run. Several build-to-rent properties also offer amenities such as high-speed broadband, gym memberships, and co-working spaces, all included in the rent, providing residents with a range of added value and potential savings.

Use your oven to naturally heat your living space
If your home has an open plan kitchen and living space, an easy way to help add a bit of warmth to your home is to use your electric oven, believe it or not. Once you’ve cooked your meal, turn the oven off and open the door. Over time, the heat from the electric oven will naturally warm your living space, enabling you to turn down any radiators or heaters and reduce your energy consumption.

Drop one degree
When heating is a must, research* states that even turning down your thermostat by one degree can save up to £145 a year; if 22 degrees is your preferred temperature, reduce it to 21 degrees. Aim for the lowest setting that keeps the room at a comfortable temperature, as this will reduce the volume of hot water, uses less energy, and save you more money.

Be strategic with your dishwasher
For many modern-day renters, a dishwasher is often considered a deal breaker when selecting a new apartment; however, with this comes energy usage. Filling the dishwasher as much as possible will ensure the appliance is only used every couple of days and won’t massively impact your energy usage. My top tip boils down to your dishwasher packing technique; treat it almost like a game of Tetris.

Make sure you are utilising all the space available within the machine. Pack cups, glasses and cooking utensils on the top shelf of the dishwasher, leaving space below for plates to be stacked in a row, with bowls and casserole dishes – therefore using the washer less and reducing energy usage and associated bills.

Defrost your freezer
The more ice that builds up in your freezer, the more work the internal motor must do to keep the freezer cool, which means more energy expenditure. Defrosting your freezer once or twice a year can save you up to £100 in energy bills.

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