Heidi Hauer’s Tips on How to Restore Self-Esteem During Lockdown

Heidi Hauer's Guide to Regaining Self-Esteem During Lockdown

Lockdowns were implemented to keep people healthy. However, they can have some drawbacks, in particular to one’s mental health. Heidi Hauer, the author of The Queendom Within, has provided us with five simple choices you can make to help you to regain some self-esteem during what’s been very trying times.

What is self-esteem, and why is it important?
At its core, self-esteem is simply our ability to feel good about ourselves. From the way you perceive your body to the level in which you can use your skills or be your true self within your relationships, self-esteem is a gage of how much you know, like and honour all that makes you, you.

Heidi Hauer, the author of The Queendom Within
Heidi Hauer.

With lockdowns becoming a more long-standing feature than what we would have hoped, it’s no surprise that self-esteem is taking a bit of a hit. On top of the mental worry about the health, safety and future of ourselves and those we care about, many people haven’t been able to live out their potential.

Whatever the personal reason, most of us are feeling the call to get back into the driver’s seat of our life and happiness.

Here’s the good news: small steps implemented consistently make a massive difference. While what will supercharge our sense of self will be unique to each of us, there are many universal things we can do to build a strong foundation for our self-esteem.

Here are five simple choices you can make right now that will help you to feel good about yourself.

Gardening can be a simple way to occupy your time

Set realistic goals
Making intentional lockdown goals, of course, can be inspiring, but many people have found their energy is not to be what it used to be.

The answer? Set small, realistic goals that are designed to make you feel good. For example, try five new recipes per month. Have a family game night once a week. Grow your own herbs. Get 20 minutes of exercise every other day. Do one small task a week towards a larger goal. Take an online painting class. Organise a virtual event with friends.

Eating vegetables is a great way to make you feel better

Boost your nutrition
Rich sources of nutrition strengthen not only our immune system, but also our physical and emotional wellbeing. Many studies show a connection between our microbiome, i.e. the microorganisms that live in our intestines and our psyche.

Consider what you can do to get more fruits, vegetables and whole foods. Remember, start small and make one sustainable change at a time. The following foods are said to make you feel extra happy: bananas, apples, berries, orange, salmon, walnuts and quinoa.

Prioritise self-care
Self-care can seem like a buzzword that nobody ‘really’ has time for. Challenge that idea and try to get to the bottom of why you might resist it. Get out of lofty notions about what self-care ‘should’ look like, and simply consider the following: What does my body need right now? How am I feeling emotionally? What can I do today that will help me get back into balance?

A woman enjoying reading a book

Create everyday pleasure
First work and then play is a well-known saying. But the most joyful lives combine them or at least treat them equally. What small pleasures, play, or fun can you integrate into your every day or weekly experience? Think outside the box, from working with what you’ve already got to learning a new skill. How can you cultivate a part of yourself that you might have been neglecting?

A woman outside with a butterfly sat on her finger

Get outside
Yes, getting out into the world is limited right now, but even a short walk around the block can do wonders for your wellbeing. Mind, body and spirit all benefit from fresh air, movement and, of course, Vitamin D! New habits take time, so if you find yourself mostly in the home, set yourself a daily goal for a short time outside. You seriously won’t regret it.

About Heidi Hauer

Heidi Hauer is a holistic health & life coach for women who want to bring wellbeing and happiness on the journey to professional and personal success. Qualifications in nutrition and coaching complement her background in corporate leadership positions. Heidi guides her clients to step into their power, find that highly sought-after work/life balance and reach deeper levels of fulfilment – in and outside of work. The Queendom Within is her first book.

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Heidi Hauer's Tips on How to Restore Self-Esteem During Lockdown 2


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