The Hotel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf Saint-Barth Welcomes Beefbar

The Hotel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf Saint-Barth Welcomes Beefbar

It’s a marriage that will gladden the hearts of food lovers around the world – a partnership that brings together the Hotel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf (a charming hotel with just twenty rooms nestled in a tropical paradise) and Beefbar, the “haute couture” meat bar that is garnering a legion of fans around the world.

Head to St Barths from 1 November 2023 to experience this brand-new partnership and savour a Wagyu steak to the idyllic backdrop of the Caribbean.

There is no greater pleasure than one which combines natural qualities with excellence – two core values which have contributed to the success of Beefbar, one of the world’s most popular contemporary food outlets.

The hotel poster announcing the collaborationBeefbar is run by Riccardo Giraudi, a successful restaurateur who, unusually, has never worked in a kitchen – instead, he studied marketing and finance in London. And it’s this, perhaps, that is the key to his success.

Far from joining the race for Michelin stars as is frequently the case with many great chefs, this native of Genoa and adopted citizen of Monaco has built his business on a straightforward concept, which he has stripped down to the bare essentials, namely that of the meat bar.

In essence, Riccardo Giraudi offers food lovers a very familiar product – namely, steak. But it’s fair to say that his Beefbar is to steak what Chanel is to the little black dress and Rolls Royce to the saloon car – in other words, the best of the best!

To prove the point, the Monaco Beefbar, the first of its kind that opened in the principality almost 20 years ago, came top in the “World’s 101 best steak restaurants” awards, a title contested by nearly 800 restaurants.

Prime Beef Products
There are two main secrets to the company’s success. Firstly, the cooking method used has been developed to bring out the braised meat’s tender texture and delicate aromas. And secondly (and primarily), the provenance of the meat, which is sourced from all four corners of the globe in order to offer discerning diners incomparable flavours and textures.

Thanks to this, guests can savour the best fillets, ribs and steaks, all of which have been selected and, in some cases, matured with the utmost care. The meat comes from the best American and Australian Black Angus and Wagyu farms and from producers of Japanese Kobe meat (the ultimate name in beef), the flavour of which is only equalled by its rarity – it is sourced from only 5,000 cattle a year.

Riccardo Giraudi, who holds the exclusive rights for Japanese Kobe beef in Europe, imports 300 of these cattle every year. This allows him to offer guests at his Beefbars an exclusive product which he has developed himself, namely Kobe prosciutto. This exclusive and unique product is a prosciutto that is truly like no other!

Next stop – the Caribbean!
Over the past few years, the best beef bar in the world has become a household name. The brand has expanded around the globe, from Hong Kong to Sao Paulo, via Milan, Paris and Dubai. And on 1 November 2023, Beefbar will hit the Caribbean and take up residence on St Barths, the most exclusive of the Caribbean islands, where it will delight guests at the Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf as well as food-lovers drawn to this slice of tropical paradise.

Perched above the bay of Gustavia, gazing out at the picture-postcard scenery that surrounds them, guests will enjoy a real treat for the tastebuds as they (re)discover the unique flavours of the best meat in the world.

“By welcoming Beefbar to our hotel”, says William Numa, General Manager of the 5-star property on St Barths, “we are offering culinary authenticity in addition to a restaurant dining experience. The brand fits perfectly into our hotel’s DNA, which includes a growing number of top-of-the-range facilities (such as Shellona, nestled on its own mother-of-pearl shell beach and the Diane Barrière spa with its partnership with Biologique Recherche) in order to ensure that our guests have an unforgettable stay”.

The experience is made all the more intense by the fact that the menu created by Thierry Paludetto, the Giraudi group’s executive chef, gives pride of place to Beefbar’s “signature” dishes – iconic recipes that have established the company’s reputation worldwide.

These include the Bao bun (Korean buns, smoked Kobe beef and Jasmine tea), Gyozas (Kobe beef and chorizo dumplings served with a jalapeno vinegar sauce), Croque Sando (a combination of dry-aged beef rib-eye prosciutto, mozzarella and Beefbar sauce) and Wagyu bolognese (pappardelle pasta with a home-made Wagyu beef ragu and 101-month matured parmesan cheese).

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