What’s Inside Ingle & Rhode’s £25,000 Ethical Fine Jewellery Advent Calendar?

Ingle & Rhode Ethical Fine Jewellery Advent Calendar

For the 2021 festive season, Ingle & Rhode’s has unveiled a pretty extraordinary advent calendar. Unlike the common or garden varieties that contain chocolates, this one has a remarkable piece of fine jewellery behind each window with an extra special surprise for the 25th.

Ingle & Rhode’s has created what could be the most astonishing advent calendar launched this year. Instead of a usual hum-drum assortment of chocolates behind each window, this £25,000 advent calendar contains precious jewellery, and each piece is pretty much guaranteed to light up the faces of the hardest to please every day leading up to Christmas Day.

As with most advent calendars, the Ingle & Rhode offering contains 25 windows. What makes theirs so different is behind each window is a piece of exceptional jewellery. This advent calendar has been designed to provide one thrill after another and as we move closer to the big day.

Every day the value of the jewellery increases in value, culminating with a very special surprise on Christmas Day, and all of the jewellery items in the advent calendar is traceable and ethically sourced. Surprisingly, the total value of the jewellery inside the calendar is £28,575, £3,500 more than the actual price of the calendar.

December 1st is just a few days away, and although advent calendars are meant to have a surprise behind each window, hopefully, you won’t mind us giving a taster of what you can expect.

Day one starts with an 18ct gold necklace priced at £595; day two’s window contains a pair of 18ct gold Cosmos stud diamond earrings priced at £795. From here, things get even better, with each window containing yet another fantastic piece made from a mixture of yellow, white or rose gold.

La Stravaganza engagement ring

By the time Christmas Eve comes around, the lucky recipient of the calendar will have already revealed an incredible assortment of jewellery comprising of diamond necklaces, cufflinks, rings and earrings.

The most spectacular piece in the calendar comes, as expected, on Christmas morning. Inside the final window is a La Stravaganza engagement ring complete with oval sapphire and with a value of £4,495, and who could say no to that?

Jeweller Tim Ingle of Ingle & Rhode expects the calendar to appeal to ethically conscious high net worth individuals looking for a slightly novel way to propose this Christmas.

He said: “Christmas has always been a popular time for wedding proposals, and as we emerge from the pandemic, we are seeing increased demand for our ethically sourced engagement rings this year.

“We decided to offer our first ever advent calendar as a way of offering customers a truly unique gift and potentially a surprising way to pop the question on Christmas Day.”

Ingle & Rhode's advent calendar is an ideal way to propose at Christmas

As we mentioned earlier, it’s sometimes nigh impossible to please some people. Fortunately, the jeweller’s have already thought of this. Tim Ingle states that each piece of jewellery inside Ingle & Rhode’s calendar can be exchanged for a bespoke piece of jewellery.

“The calendar features some of our most popular items, but as a jeweller, we do specialise in bespoke items, so if anyone wishes for us to make a ring or other item to their own preferences, then we can certainly accommodate that within the Advent Calendar. By buying from us, customers know they are choosing jewellery of the highest ethical standards. It really is a Christmas gift that can be enjoyed with the clearest of consciences.”

As you can imagine, the advents calendars will be limited in numbers. However, Ingle & Rhode’s have said that they could make more available next year if the demand is strong.

Orders for the Ingle & Rhode Ethical Fine Jewellery Advent Calendar can be placed via their website, where you will see the full details of the pieces inside it. However, make sure that the recipient doesn’t know this, or you’ll ruin the surprise! All the information is www.ingleandrhode.co.uk.

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What's Inside Ingle & Rhode's £25,000 Ethical Fine Jewellery Advent Calendar? 2


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