Sarah-Jade Schipper Interview with Luxurious Magazine in 2011

Sarah-Jade Schipper Interview with Luxurious Magazine

Luxurious Magazine founder Paul Godbold sites down with beauty queen and model Sarah-Jade Schipper.

Luxurious Magazine: Hi Sarah, thank you for taking some time out to talk to us, the first thing that we notice is aside from being both attractive and tall, you are also of mixed race, Dutch/Malaysian. Where were you born and where did you grow up?
Sarah-Jade: Thank you for your kind compliment!.
I was born here in Malaysia and I have lived here my whole life. I grew up in a small town called Taiping. Life was really simple but really fun as I grew up in a “kampung” thus climbing trees and running around barefooted was one of the fondest memories of my childhood

Sarah Jade Schipper.
Sarah Jade Schipper.

Have you been back to Holland much and do you speak Dutch or any other languages?
Sarah-Jade: I have visited Amsterdam a couple of times and I did enjoy my trip but I don’t think I would like to live there for good. And no sad to say that I do not speak a single word of Dutch but I do however speak quite a number of different languages and dialects i.e Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, English and last but not least Bahasa Malaysia

You won second runner up for the Malaysia model of the world in 2006, what are your memories of the moment when you found out you won?
Sarah-jade: I was very surprised as I did not expect to even get through to the finals as I was not a model then and I was seriously on the heavy side and I was competing against senior models from Kuala Lumpur!!

During your Miss Malaysia Model of the World year, did you have any specific duties?
Sarah-Jade: Well since it was not such a well-known title, I didn’t have to do much, which in a way was a blessing as I was still in college at that time but I did need to attend events and openings of outlets and all.

Do you model full-time?
Sarah-Jade: Modelling is something I have a great passion for, but I do not model full time as I do not see myself in the modelling scene 5 years down the road, thus I am focused at my current job with a property company here in Penang.

Is there one modelling assignment that sticks out above all others?
Sarah-Jade: Yes there is one particular job that I had just done recently, which was actually a bridal shoot for a bridal house here in Penang. The reason why it is so memorable was that I had someone very dear to me doing the shoot with me!

There are lots of Modelling shows on TV and they portray models as being a little bitchy, is that your experience?
Sarah-Jade: Well I have worked with a lot of girls, from a lot of different backgrounds and yes I have had my fair share of difficult characters but there are also very humble and nice girls. I guess wherever you are you will meet people who are just plain difficult. As for me, I just ensure that I do my best what I’m paid to do, have fun, be nice and ignore the rest.

Do you have to watch what you eat due to the perception that models have to be thin?
Sarah-Jade: I am someone who loves food too much to actually follow that silly “rule”. I think one is most attractive and outstanding when they are totally comfortable in their own skin, and that goes to models as well. There are girls who just try so hard to stay skinny that they actually neglected their health. I have spoken to some designers that insist that I go on a diet in order to be in their fashion show, which I nicely declined as I think I am great the way I am.

What was the last assignment / show that you did?
Sarah-Jade: A bridal shoot about a week back. It was GREAT FUN!

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
Sarah-Jade: Me being a small-town girl, I see myself (hopefully) living in Australia, with a family of my own. And yes I love kids! OH! and also running a small pet business!

Thanks for giving us some of your time, if we can ask one more question….? Do you have a boyfriend!
Sarah-Jade: Yes, I do currently have a boyfriend!

Paul Godbold

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Paul is the owner and editor-in-chief of Luxurious Magazine. He previously worked as a fashion model, was in the British Army and created companies in the technology, venture capital and financial services sectors. In addition to writing, he also proofs, edits, designs, lays out and publishes all the articles in the online magazine. Paul is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists.

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