In Conversation with Dr Mike Lim of Blanc Dental Clinic in Kuala Lumpur

Dr Mike Lim of Blanc Dental Clinic in Kuala Lumpur
Dr Mike Lim.

Ong Chin Huat puts aside his fear of dentists and speaks with Dr Mike Lim of Blanc Dental Clinic in Kuala Lumpur.

As far as dental appointments go, no one in their right mind would ever confess to ever enjoy going to one. Childhood memories and painful experiences are often embedded deep in our psyche and recalling trips to the dentists don’t exactly equate with grandma’s freshly baked apple pie.

Enter Blanc Dental Clinic located in the slick neighbourhood of Bangsar, in Kuala Lumpur and you have a new breed dentist who makes patient comfort and ease a top priority.

Dr Mike Lim is one such dentist. As a proponent of holistic dentistry, Dr Mike doesn’t just treat whatever ailment you have which precipitated your visit to his well-designed and soothingly decorated clinic. He believes in giving the “ultimate experience” to all his patients and this includes not just providing a high-level of dentistry and patient care in a relaxing, warm and welcoming environment but also looking at the whole set of teeth, with preventive dentistry being their main concern.

“We want our patients to keep their own natural teeth as long as possible and to that end, we will study their lifestyle and dental hygiene habits and advise them on what to do and what not to do,” says the cheerful Dr Mike. “We spend time educating our patients on what are the causes of their issues, how they can prevent it through home care and what treatment we have they can enhance the quality of treatment which they don’t get elsewhere.”

Dr Mike says some patients do not smile as they are embarrassed about the state of their teeth. “We fix them whatever insecurities they have about their teeth and thus bring back confidence to them. This is something we feel proud of.”

In Conversation with Dr Mike Lim of Blanc Dental Clinic in Kuala Lumpur 3

LM: Tell us briefly about Blanc Dental Clinic and how it came about.
ML: Blanc Dental Clinic is a premium dental clinic located in Bangsar Village II shopping mall. It was refurbished and rebranded in 2018 from an existing nine-year-old dental clinic. The clinic is well-known for having high-end clientele including expatriates and celebrities who focus on cosmetic and family dentistry. And, we have a team of highly experienced and dedicated dental professionals including specialists of various fields.

LM: What do you wish for your patients to leave with?
ML: I want my patients to leave my clinic with a confident and clean smile and they empower themselves with proper oral health habit. We believe that smiles are so powerful that they can transform a person with low self-esteem, jolting them from negativity to a person with a positive attitude. Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.

LM: Tell us about the new Airflow® Spa technology for teeth cleaning and why it is so revolutionary?
ML: Gone are the days of screeching scalers and messy air abrasion polishing for dental prophylaxis to remove plaque and stains. Welcome to a whole new world of Airflow® Spa based on Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) Protocol. Conventional cleaning techniques have changed very little over the years.

In Conversation with Dr Mike Lim of Blanc Dental Clinic in Kuala Lumpur 4

Traditional dental cleaning usually involves scaling and polishing. A dentist would use special hand instruments and ultrasonic devices to scrape away plaque and calculi (biofilm) that has built up on your teeth followed by polishing to remove stains. This method entails a certain amount of pain and discomfort to the patient as well as damage to soft tissues of the oral cavity and often leads to a less than satisfactory dental experience.

Airflow® Spa Scaling based on GBT protocol invented by EMS is the new and state-of-the-art approach to dental prophylaxis. It is clinically proven and patient-oriented technology. It really is revolutionary and a game-changer in dental cleaning resulting in a dazzling smile in minutes.

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