Introducing The Montblanc Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco

A Tribute to Grace Kelly, one of the 20th Century’s Unforgettable Style Icons

Montblanc pays tribute to one of the most remarkable individuals of all time and gives support to her artistic legacy the Princess Grace Foundation-USA. Grace Kelly, Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco, is a woman celebrated for her iconic timeless style, her artistic talent as an Oscar winning actress and her unrelenting commitment to helping others. She inspired an entire generation and is still considered today to epitomize the archetype of beauty, elegance and style.  Sharing her ideals of personal fulfillment, compassion and family values, Montblanc brings Princess Grace of Monaco into the spotlight with a sumptuous new tribute collection: the Montblanc “Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco”.
Introducing The Montblanc Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco 4The Collection, consisting of fine jewellery, timepieces and writing instruments, is true to Princess Grace of Monaco’s much admired style and sophistication. Feminine and timelessly elegant, the pieces from this collection are the most exquisite ever crafted in Montblanc’s Ateliers, every detail inspired by this icon’s spirit and attention to style. The Grace de Monaco Pink Rose – created in 1956 on the occasion of Grace Kelly’s marriage to His Serene Highness Rainier III, Prince de Monaco – is a recurring motif in all Editions, embellished with refined petal cut stones, paying tribute to the unique rose. The Montblanc Fine Jewellery is set with lavish drop cut precious stones and diamonds; the Montblanc Timepieces feature an opulent three-dimensional drop of pink sapphire, while the Writing Instruments are adorned with petal-cut diamonds, pink sapphires and topazes.

The Montblanc “Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco” – Haute JoaillerieThe Montblanc “Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco” – Haute Joaillerie
Montblanc presents three one-of-a-kind sets, a pure expression of femininity and captivating beauty. The refined and sophisticated designs showcase some of the finest stones, effortlessly expressing the exclusivity of Montblanc Haute Joaillerie. The unique Montblanc Diamond is married with sumptuous diamonds and precious intense pink sapphires to create a cascade effect that truly captures the beautiful and eternal personality of a genuine style icon.

Montblanc has been inspired by Princess Grace’s style as well as by her love for roses – and developed these ideas in a direction that applies well to writing instruments as well as to jewellery and watches. The collection relies on signature “petal cut” stones and volumes, and brings in delicate touches of colours and sparkles of diamonds. It is designed for women who know, understand and appreciate the power of a myth and are able to capture a part of it with their own strong personality.
Pieces in the collection include a necklace of cascading pink sapphires and diamonds, long earrings ending with drop cut pink sapphires and a refined bracelet to match. A final set in limited availability is composed of a more understated necklace with a matching pair of earrings paired with a sinuous ring that entwines the finger in diamonds and pink sapphires.

The Montblanc “Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco” Timepieces – Limited Edition 8The Montblanc “Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco” Timepieces – Limited Edition 8
This stunning timepiece, strictly limited to 8 pieces, is an homage to the elegance and beauty of Princess Grace. The 76 sparkling baguette cut diamonds on the bezel and on the horns (~ 3.30 ct.) combined with the three-dimensional drop cut pink sapphire are a tribute to the aristocratic exclusive taste of Her Serene Highness. The case is crafted from 18 K red gold and its back is finely engraved with the Princesse Grace de Monaco monogram. A sparkling cascade of 177 brilliant cut diamonds (~ 0.56 ct.) flows across the flange and the shimmering mother of pearl dial.

The highlight of the case is the unique shape developed exclusively for the Montblanc Princesse Grace de Monaco Timepiece Collection. The horns, bezel and flange generate a complex, elegant, yet truly and exclusively feminine volume.  This exclusive timepiece features a white alligator strap and a buckle set with 76 brilliant cut diamonds (~ 0.32 ct.). A Montblanc Diamond in the crown is the ultimate finishing touch to this masterpiece of craftsmanship.

The Montblanc “Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco” Writing Instruments  - Special EditionThe Montblanc “Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco” Writing Instruments – Limited Edition 3
As a tribute to Princess Grace’s three children, whom she considered the most important of all things in her life, this very rare edition fountain pen is limited to just three pieces.  Crafted entirely from champagne coloured solid gold, the elegance of this piece is accentuated with diamonds (~2.69 ct.) and rubies (~ 0.26 ct.) on the cap and barrel. The feminine neckline shape of the cap top and clip reflect the elegance of the Princess.
Princess Grace’s monogram is finely engraved on the cap-top and the clip sparkle with a drop-cut diamond of great clarity (~0.41 ct.).  As a reminder of her aristocratic, noble affiliation, the cap is adorned with a circle of rhomboid-shaped cut rubies, inspired by the Principality of Monaco coat of arms.  In addition to a mother-of-pearl cabochon enriching the cone, the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl crowns this richly crafted tribute.

The Montblanc “Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco” Writing Instruments – Limited Edition 29
Celebrating 1929, the year when Grace Patricia Kelly was born in Philadelphia, this sumptuous Edition is limited to just 29 pieces.  A fitting tribute to a Princess, the fountain pen is richly decorated with precious stones and the finest detailing. Princess Grace’s monogram is engraved on the cap and barrel, and varnished with a divine rose coloured laquer.

The solid gold fittings in an elegant champagne tone are decorated with white diamonds (~0.55 ct.) and the clip of the fountain pen is set with a drop-cut pink sapphire (~0.45 ct.), another reference to the Grace de Monaco pink rose.  The 18K gold nib displays a heart-shape hole. To accentuate the regal appearance of this masterpiece, the pen is enriched with a mother-of-pearl cabochon and the Montblanc star-shaped emblem that adorns the summit of the pen is also crafted from mother-of-pearl.

The Montblanc “Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco” Writing Instruments  – Special Edition
Embodying Princess Grace’s timeless style and iconic power, this Edition is crafted from a deep purple precious resin, creating a dramatic contrast with the champagne-toned gold fittings. Everything about this Edition is majestic, from its feminine neckline design, to the lavish addition of a drop-cut pink topaz on the clip. Both the gold-plated cap and barrel rings are intricately engraved with a rhombus pattern, inspired by the Principality of Monaco’s coat of arms. 

The fountain pen’s 18K gold nib is decorated with a heart-shaped hole. Like the other Editions, Princess Grace’s monogram can be found on the cap top. This feminine and sophisticated Edition is available in fountain pen, rollerball and ballp

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