Ionic Cars Aims to Bring Classic Cars Back to the Future

Ionic Cars Aims to Bring Classic Cars Back to the Future

Over the past decades, classic cars have been one of the best alternative investments with some cars fetching as much as a superyacht. The UK government has put in place plans to phase out fossil fuels, so, is it now time for classic cars owners to embrace the expert skills of companies such as ionic cars?

Transportation is responsible for over a quarter of global carbon emissions[1], and air pollution one of the biggest threats to the planet. People around the world are looking at ways to help reduce this problem and electric-powered cars are one of the most obvious solutions.

If you’re the owner of a classic car and you’re keen to explore the benefits of electric power, ionic cars is the type of company you should be talking to.

ionic cars Mercedes-Benz 280 SL

With more people becoming aware of their carbon footprint and the impact it has on the world, electric power is a popular option. But driving sustainably shouldn’t mean missing out on the charismatic qualities you experience when driving a classic car.

ionic cars are dedicated to lowering the environmental impact of a magnificent motorcar and work with great care and attention when upgrading iconic vehicles of the past, making them ideal for today’s eco-conscious society.

ionic cars Mercedes-Benz 280 SL dashboard

They are able to perform full makeovers, removing original high emissions ‘old-tech’ engines, replacing them with zero-emission power. They also have a highly-skilled team with a background in racing and electrical engineering and aim to provide vehicles with a high level of luxury, performance, and most importantly, eco-power.

Honouring the true beauty and workmanship of covetable classics, each ionic masterpiece is compassionately restored using sustainable materials and high-quality finishes. The result is elegant preservation, without compromise.

“We breathe new life into these glorious icons; fully refurbishing bodywork, customising interiors, and converting the vehicle into a state-of-the-art electric car.”Justin Lunny, ionic cars.

ionic cars Mercedes-Benz 280 SL dashboard

Converting a combustion vehicle into an electric vehicle is still a relatively untested market. Although well-known manufacturers are now offering electric conversion kits, some owners of high-value classics are still unsure of what the impact on the value of the car will be.

This aside, it might be something that all classic cars owners will be forced to address in the medium to longer-term and companies such as ionic cars with their expertise should be your first port of call.

[1] IEA (International Energy Agency)

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Ionic Cars Aims to Bring Classic Cars Back to the Future 2


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