The Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats Whiskey, Spicy, Earthy and Sweet

The Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats Whiskey, Spicy, Earthy and Sweet

Aged in rum-seasoned casks, the Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats is a twenty-one-year-old Irish Whiskey with spicy notes. The barrels sourced from Barbados add a distinctive taste that mixes the Caribbean’s rhythm with the Irish drums’ beat. It is a whiskey that brings an innovative new flavour to the Jameson Anthology.

The Caribbean Islands have been linked with spicy, sweet rum for centuries now. Jameson brings you these flavours in their new Irish whiskey. Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats has been aged for twenty-one years in rum-seasoned casks, which adds the essence of the West Indies.

The whiskey is a blend of single-pot still and single-grain Irish whiskeys initially laid down in rum casks sourced from Barbados over two decades. Eighteen years later, Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman’s interest was piqued, and he decided to explore how a second style of rum might impact the flavour of the liquid.

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He decided to age the whiskey for three years in Selección de Maestros Havana Club rum-seasoned casks, which imparted a vibrant rum contribution.

The grain whiskey picked up sweetness in the form of vanilla and brown sugar, while the pot still took on fruit flavours of mango and orange zest. Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats Irish Whiskey references Jameson’s unmistakably smooth DNA through its balance of grain and pot-still whiskeys.

It has been elevated to new heights with its exceptional ageing, thanks to the experimental minds of Jameson’s masters and makers at Midleton Distillery.

This unique whiskey gives the flavours of chocolate-dipped honeycomb, citrus and coconut shavings and offers warming spices. The soft and elegant presence of the grain Irish whiskey gains additional vibrancy from years of ageing in rum-seasoned casks.

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It is a homage to Irish, Caribbean and Cuban craftmanship, which puts a new spin on the world’s most celebrated Irish whiskey.

Kevin O’Gorman said, “Excited by a 2001 trial with Caribbean rum casks, through innovation, careful craft and over two decades of maturation, we worked to marry two traditional spirits together – Irish whiskey and rum – and in doing so, found the sweet spot where the rhythm of the Caribbean meets the beat of the Irish drum. We can’t wait for whiskey enthusiasts to experience Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats.”

Angela Coral Medina, Brewing and Distilling Specialist, added, “Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats embodies the craft and quality for which Jameson has always been renowned. Maturation in rum casks creates a delicious and unique flavour that brings together spice, earthiness, and sweetness while complementing the traditional fragrant, floral and fruity notes that are synonymous with the much loved Jameson style of whiskey.”

Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats Irish Whiskey gives aromas of warming spices accompanied by toasted almonds, figs, muscovado sugar, and coconut shavings on the nose.

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The rum-seasoned oak accentuates the pot still spices, adding notes of candied fruits and ginger, complementing the floral character of the grain whiskey. The rum influences flow through, adding cacao nibs, tobacco, and vanilla smells.

You first get a sweet and luscious taste, with notes of orange zest, honeycomb dipped in chocolate, and mango. The notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and white pepper add a mild intensity and work in balance with the earthy and herbal qualities.

The grain whiskey’s elegant and soft presence brings additional vibrancy and zest from the years of ageing in the rum-seasoned casks while the pot still-driven fruits and sweetness are augmented.

Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats Irish whiskey has a long and lasting finish, with the fruits and sweet spices lingering before slowly fading, allowing the oak and rum seasoning to have the final say.

Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats Irish Whiskey – Where and How?

Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats is priced at RRP €280 per 500ml bottle and bottled at an ABV of 46%. A limited quantity of 2,900 bottles is available exclusively online via from 12 p.m. on Thursday, 26th October.

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