Why Jaya House River Park Siem Reap is Regarded as the #1 Hotel in Cambodia

Why Jaya House River Park Siem Reap is the #1 Hotel in Cambodia

A true display of elegance deeply rooted in Khmer culture, Cambodia’s Jaya House River Park Siem Reap remains the hotspot for global travellers, with its mission to improve the lives of locals at the core of its DNA.

Listed among the Top 25 Hotels in The World for the last four years, Jaya House River Park Siem Reap permeates sophistication, style and world-class hospitality – a discreet luxury hideaway which has garnered an elite reputation amongst discerning and curious travellers.

The hotel's lobby

Channelling 1960s Cambodian Modernism, Khmer art-deco sculptures are seamlessly blended into the property’s interiors and 36 guest rooms. Understated and timeless, the boutique hotel is fitted with sustainable wood and stone throughout, with walls showcasing the breathtaking talents of Siem Reap Art School’s students.

A dedicated concierge team curate unmatched guest experiences of the city’s culture, history and natural beauty, including bespoke Angkorian Temple, winery, photography and mountain hiking tours, along with a private daily Tuk Tuk service, complimentary local mobile phone and two daily complimentary spa treatments to ensure full uninterrupted recovery afterwards.

But the reason for Jaya House River Park’s global acclaim extends far beyond its style and guest service credentials, with a much deeper and more meaningful root.

With esteemed hotelier, UN sustainable tourism advisor and international speaker Christian De Boer at the helm, Jaya House River Park is a global trailblazer for responsible travel and positive impact tourism, championing a primary purpose to improve the lives of Khmers (Cambodians).

Seven ways Jaya House River Park guests make an immediate positive impact

1. Guests are encouraged to purchase educational books prior to arrival for donation to local communities.

For many Cambodian children, books are a luxury that is out of reach, and nutrition education is poor.

The Jaya House River Park Children’s Nutritional Book Drive encourages guests to buy one of two selected children’s books before arrival – Nutrition Facts for Kids and How to Pack for the Journey Called Life – A Travel Guide for Kids. The books are then delivered directly to local children by the Jaya House River Park team.

2. Every guest becomes a part of the ‘Refill Not Landfill’ campaign.

As Cambodia’s first 100% single-use plastic-free hotel, Jaya House River Park recognises that tourists are amongst the biggest culprits of single-use plastic bottle waste.

In 2016, the hotel pioneered the 2016 “Refill Not Landfill” plastic waste reduction campaign. Every guest becomes a part of this initiative and is given a reusable aluminium bottle on arrival, which they can refill at stations throughout the hotel and around Cambodia.

The scheme now operates in Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar and New Zealand and has saved millions of plastic bottles from ending up in mountainous landfills, roadsides, waterways and oceans.

The interior of one of the Junior Suites

3. All guest bookings contribute to Jaya House River Park’s free staff education scheme and employment opportunities for disadvantaged locals.

With 100% local staff, Jaya House River Park is the only hotel in Southeast Asia to invest in English classes for all employees, a scheme consistently bolstered and improved by high guest bookings. It provides inclusive employment opportunities to those with physical or learning disabilities, as well as giving all staff food vouchers for fresh meat, fruit and vegetables.

A photograph showing the interior of the Trorkuon Khmer Restaurant

4. Dining with purpose – backing local suppliers and sustainable food practices.

The hotel’s restaurant, Trorkuon Khmer, is one of Siem Reap’s dining destinations with a philosophy centred around food equality and sustainability. Serving vegan-friendly Western and Khmer cuisine, all ingredients are locally and ethically sourced from local suppliers who are paid a fair wage.

5. Putting local enterprises on a global stage.

In 2019, Christian spearheaded the launch of the luxury beauty, skin and hair care brand Jaya Organics, a local enterprise created to increase employment in the local community.

The lovingly handmade product selection is so impressive that it has graced the pages of Vogue US magazine and, following guest demand, is now available for worldwide delivery. Including detox massage oils, nourishing body scrubs, skincare and haircare products, Jaya Organics is a signature feature in all guest bathrooms.

6. Immediate contributions to monthly donations to support Landmine Relief.

Following decades of conflict, Cambodia remains one of the world’s most heavily mined countries. Dozens of civilians are still injured or killed every year by landmines found in backyards, rice fields and roads surrounding schools.

Jaya House River Park provides monthly donations from every guest booking to the Cambodia Landmine Museum and Relief Centre, an NGO which manages landmine clearance, provides relief to victims and their families, and offers education and shelter to those at risk.

7. Supporting the campaign Getting Cambodian children off the streets.

Jaya House River Park dedicates monthly donations from every guest booking to the Green Gecko Center for Street Children, an NGO which strives to rescue thousands of Siem Reap’s children from life on the streets. By providing safe care and a nurturing environment, the mission is to break the cycle of begging and provide opportunities for education and self-development.

The exterior of the property at night

“There’s a growing category of slower, longer and more conscious travel, and as Southeast Asia offers exceptional value for money, tourism to the region is expected to grow in 2024.

I’m humbled that Jaya House River Park has been voted the number one hotel in Cambodia for the last six years running – but our responsibility to improve local welfare and minimise tourist damage is more important than ever.

We look forward to inspiring more guests to make a difference whilst they visit this beautiful country in 2024.” Says Christian De Boer, Managing Director of Jaya House River Park.

Room Rates*:
Deluxe King (Room rates start from $280 USD per night)
Deluxe Twin (Room rates start from $280 USD per night)
Junior Suite King (Room rates start from $300 USD per night)
Junior Pool Suite King (Room rate from $335 USD per night)

*Jaya House River Park donates money from every room sold towards three local NGOs — Green Gecko Center for Street Children, The Cambodian Landmine Relief Fund, and The Small Art School Siem Reap.

Complimentary airport pickup for all guests staying longer than two nights.

The view from the rooftop barWhy Jaya House River Park Siem Reap is Regarded as the #1 Hotel in Cambodia 2

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