Jelenew, The Female-Focused Brand Leading the Way in Cycle Wear

Jelenew, The Female-Focused Brand Leading the Way in Cycle Wear

Meet the brand on a mission to empower more women to get into cycling, with a focus on French couture design and the latest performance technology.

“Our aspiration to see more women enjoying cycling has been the driving force for our design and development.” – Jelenew.

Women’s cycling clothing has come a long way since the ‘shrink it and pink it’ approach of the past. With more of us than ever taking up cycling, there’s a lot more to choose from when it comes to apparel.

Brands like Velocio, Cafe Du Cyclist and Rapha are leading the way with high-end cycling gear designed especially for the female body. Now, there’s a new women’s brand on the scene – Jelenew.

Who is Jelenew?
What makes Jelenew different is their unique approach to designing cycle clothing for women.

Two photographs showing a female cyclist wearing two different coloured tops from the brand

It’s a female-only line, with pieces designed over hours of testing with top female athletes and cycling enthusiasts.

The brand’s creative team is made up of experts with experience that spans decades. Di Liu, one of Jelenew’s creative directors, previously worked at Chanel, while Chief Product Co-Creation Officer Marion Clignet is a six-time world champion and two-time Olympic medalist. The pair work alongside a team of female designers, female athletes, sports enthusiasts and experts in sports performance and science.

Jelenew’s range has caught the attention of the cycling community thanks to its unique fashion-inspired approach. The brand uses French haute couture as its inspiration, putting an emphasis on aesthetics and high-end Italian fabrics, with prices to reflect.

What’s more, throughout the manufacturing process, Jelenew places a strong emphasis on sustainability – there’s more about that below.

Some words from Jelenew’s designers

We chatted with Jelenew to hear more about this revolutionary new line of women’s cycling clothing and their top tips for new cyclists.

They talked to us in detail about their innovative design process, which concentrates on the natural curves of women’s bodies and how our muscles move as we pedal. Read on to find out more.

A female cyclist riding at speed wearing the brands clothing

Luxurious Magazine: How did the concept of Jelenew come about?
Jelenew: We established Jelenew with a passion for cycling and a firm belief in women’s empowerment through movement. The current cycling scene is heavily male-dominated, and products are mostly tailored for men. Jelenew was born out of a deep passion for the sport of cycling, and we’d like to see more women experience the liberating feeling on two wheels and explore their potential.

Our aspiration to see more women enjoying cycling has been the driving force for our design and development since our inception.

LM: What makes Jelenew’s clothing different from other cycling gear out there?
Jelenew: The design. Unlike the common approach of merely resizing and adding a splash of pink to existing men’s cycling apparel, Jelenew is committed to breaking away from the “shrink it and pink it” stereotype.

Our design process begins by engaging with women cyclists of diverse backgrounds and skill levels, actively seeking their insights and feedback to create apparel that seamlessly combines functionality, comfort and style.

A female cyclist heading up a road next to the sea

Our team of dedicated designers and athletes collaborates to develop products that not only meet but exceed the unique requirements of women cyclists, ensuring optimal performance and confidence on every ride.

Utilising French haute couture drape-tailored technology and drawing inspiration from the curves of the female body, we’ve developed our technology ‘CurveTec™’. This cutting-edge technology is developed based on a close study of the unique physiological structure of female anatomy. We aim to combine strength and agility in women’s activewear, infused with draped tailoring and form-fitting design supporting key muscle groups, especially during the active motion of pedalling.

Two photographs show a female cyclist wearing the brands racing top and shorts in different colours

LM: How and where are your clothes manufactured?
Jelenew: “We take immense pride in crafting our clothes with the utmost care and attention to detail. We source our materials from renowned global manufacturers, including premium Italian fabric and Japanese YKK zipper accessories. We work closely with select factories located in both Europe and Asia to bring our exceptional products to life.

Our manufacturing process reflects our dedication to delivering top-notch apparel that embodies the essence of French couture craftsmanship. From the initial design stages to the final creation, each step is meticulously overseen to ensure the highest standards of quality and precision.

Throughout our manufacturing journey, we place a strong emphasis on sustainability. We carefully select materials that not only meet our stringent quality standards but also adhere to environmentally friendly criteria. 95% of our fabric meets OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 for green production, and 80% of our material is bluesign® approved.

A cyclist pausing for her break on her race bike

LM: If you had one piece of advice for new female cyclists, what would it be?
Jelenew: Our words for any new female cyclist or anyone eager to try out the sport would be to embrace the journey and prioritise your own progress and enjoyment. Don’t be discouraged by challenges or comparisons to others.

Cycling is a personal adventure that allows you to set your own goals, pace, and achievements. Enjoy the ride & look forward to the day when you share your experience with other new riders.

Jelenew – Where & How?

You can find out more about Jelenew and browse their extensive range of indoor and outdoor cycling apparel at

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