Karen Betts Explains the 6 Beauty Mistakes that Will Make you Look Older

Karen Betts Explains the 6 Beauty Mistakes that Make you Look Older

Makeup applied correctly can make someone look amazing and younger, but if you get it wrong, it can have the opposite effect. Karen Betts, a permanent makeup artist and the founder of K.B Pro, has put together a guide detailing what you should do if you don’t want to add years to your face.

We’ve all been guilty of committing makeup faux pas – from unblended blue eyeshadow at high school to thick foundation that caused our skin to look cakey and mascara so clumpy our lashes resembled one singular gigantic eyelash. However, lots of people (and we’re naming no names) are still making makeup mistakes (MMM, if you will) that are causing them to look tired and their skin to look sallow.

With this in mind, K.B Pro Founder Karen Betts has compiled a guide that features a list of the most common cosmetic mishaps and some tips and tricks to encourage a glorious lit-from-within glow.

Neglecting your brows
Karen says, “Ultra-thin, arched brows can be a dead giveaway of ageing. Most makeup artists recommend full, bushy brows to help signify your youth.”

“We aren’t all blessed with brows as naturally shapely as Cara Delivigne or Lily Collins, so microblading is the next step to achieving the salon brow look. Eyebrow tattoos, also known as microblading, have saved the need for time-consuming, everyday brow filling. Pinterest searches for eyebrow tattoos are up 87% since the end of 2021, and 285% for ‘natural microblading eyebrows’.”

Too much concealer under the eyes
While putting concealer under your eyes is a trick that has been around since the beginning of time, applying too much can have disastrous consequences.

Many people have slightly darker skin on their under-eyes, making it very tempting to slather on a thick layer. However, this can cause the formula to sit in the creases and accentuate them.

“It is crucial to go for a very lightweight concealer to avoid sinking into your fine lines. As well as this, opting for a shade that is slightly brighter than your skin tone will help to add warmth and a youthful illusion, while one that is too dark could end up having the opposite effect.”

Neglecting blush
Blush can be the ideal way to add a fun and flirty splash of colour to your cheeks. Bright blush is taking the internet by storm, with many makeup gurus on TikTok choosing to over-apply across their cheekbones and noses.

Skipping a step as crucial as blush can leave your skin lacking vitality and a healthy gleam, encouraging a weary illusion that can, unfortunately, age you.

Reaching for a cream or lightweight powder blush offers the option to play around with different shades and coverages to find out which one suits you the best. Removing this step from your makeup routine also leaves you without the opportunity to experiment with a fun and playful element of your makeup bag.

Applying thick eyeliner to your bottom lash-line only
Even though your inner emo child may be fighting to come out at all times, thick eyeliner under your eye may be something to step away from going into adulthood.

Encouraging even more darkness in an already dark area is guaranteed to make you look even more tired, and no amount of concealer is going to help that.

Avoiding making your under-eye area darker doesn’t mean losing your identity and individuality.

Grungy, gothic eye makeup is blowing up the internet and can offer a dramatic and alluring aesthetic if done correctly.

Go for dark eyeshadow rather than kohl eyeliner, and buff it out for a seductive smokey look.

A young woman applying foundation in her bathroom mirror

Forgetting to apply primer before the foundation
Forgetting your primer can be easily done, especially if you are in a rush. This will result in your foundation not lasting as long throughout the day and will be more likely to sink into pores and fine lines.

Primer can help illuminate and add a flawless-looking texture and can be one of the most important steps in a makeup routine for youthful-looking skin.

Opt for a primer infused with hyaluronic acid. This will deeply hydrate your skin and offer a plumper, firmer illusion. Primers can also come with colour-correcting properties, making them great for hiding dark shadows.

It can always be tempting to go a bit overboard with the contouring brush, but this can leave dark shadows and streaks if not blended properly.

As well as this, harsh contouring can also create the illusion of lines where there aren’t any, making you look gaunt. This can also happen if your contour palette is too dark for your skin tone, making it crucial to match your makeup to your complexion correctly.

Karen advises, “Always follow the lines of your bone structure, allowing the brush to glide along your cheekbones, jawline, and anywhere else you feel needs a touch more definition.

“Depending on your skin type, you can opt for a cream or powder contour palette. The cream is usually better for dry skin as it adds moisture, while powder offers a mattified illusion to an oily complexion.

“Due to the world of makeup occasionally seeming like a minefield, many people choose to dip their toes into the world of permanent cosmetics. There is a huge range of permanent makeup on offer, from eyeliner to lip blush, to brow microblading. Sometimes, it can be wise to leave it to the professionals to help you achieve a more youthful image!

“And while there is always makeup ‘mistakes’ to be made, how you paint your face is ultimately up to you and the kind of aesthetic you want to achieve. Playing around with makeup is a fun and relaxing activity that can express how you feel inside, so pick up the eyeshadow palette and experiment.”

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