Karma Unveils Final Customised 2019 Revero Cars Ahead of New 2020 Revero GT

Karma Unveils Final Customised 2019 Revero Cars

Karma Automotive, the California-based carmaker has created four very-special cars to commemorate the final production run of its 2019 edition Revero.

Karma specialises in producing luxury electric vehicles and although the company was formed just five years ago, it already boasts a team of around 1,000 people worldwide. The Revero models are luxury electric cars powered by dual electric motors and were first introduced in 2016. Aside from the stunning design and luxury, the Revero’s are (when compared to other electric cars) surprisingly practical. Not only do they offer performance in line with most high-end sports cars they also have a useful range of up to 300 miles (480 km).

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, ‘Karma, I recognise that name’? This is because the first Revero’s were borne from the renowned Fisker Karma created by the legendary automotive designer, Henrik Fisker.

Karma Unveils Final Customised 2019 Revero Cars Ahead of New 2020 Revero GT 2

Each of the four final customised editions was handcrafted at Karma’s Innovation and Customization Center (KICC) in Moreno Valley, California. As you would expect, the cars have been given special attention from the customisation team. Each one has a combination of custom exterior paint, calipers, wheels and a personalized interior with special stitching and control panel jewels.

“These special 2019 Reveros are a vibrant illustration of the opportunities available through Karma customization and a signpost to our future made-to-order offerings,” says John Maloney, Karma’s Chief Revenue Officer. “What does the future of luxury hold? For our discerning luxury customers, the future holds precisely what they envision – a vehicle unique as their individual lifestyles.”


The only downside to this article is all of the four special-edition models have been pre-sold. But, with the 2020 Revero GT on the horizon, you still have enough time to start saving those pennies!

Karma Automotive – Where and how?

For more information and to see the current range of models, visit the official website here.

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