Kenshō Ornos, the Home of Greek Delicacies with Asian Flair in Mykonos

Kenshō Ornos, the Home of Greek Delicacies with Asian Flair in Mykonos

Nestled along the Aegean Sea’s azure waters, the 5* bohemian chic hotel Kenshō Ornos invites travellers to embark on an unparalleled gastronomic odyssey, presenting a luxe twist on coastal Greek comforts within the cosy setting of its soft and serene ambience.

This unrivalled culinary haven in Mykonos takes gastronomy to new heights by seamlessly intertwining the heartwarming essence of traditional Greek delicacies with the bold and exotic notes of Asian cuisine, delivering an exquisite menu of original flavour combinations exclusively found at the hotel’s signature Kenshō Ornos Restaurant.

At the helm of this epicurean masterpiece is award-winning Executive Chef Ippokratis Anagnostelis.

Known for his distinct culinary artistry, which combines contrasting flavours to perfect the right balance between subtlety and flair, Chef Anagnostelis’ unwavering commitment to uniting people through their shared love for food is the bedrock of the hotel’s gastronomic philosophy.

An example of the high quality food at the resort's restaurant

Applying contemporary culinary techniques, he invites guests to explore the rich flavours of traditional Cycladic cuisine, which inspire the ideas and ingredients behind the restaurant’s world-class menu.

Guests are invited to embark on a journey of the senses as each dish is a harmonious fusion of local ingredients, family recipes, and the bold spices and techniques that define Asian cuisine. This seamless fusion of flavours has earned Chef Anagnostelis and Kenshō Ornos a coveted place among the echelons of culinary excellence.

One of the high quality vegetable dishes

In true Greek fashion, the exquisite menu includes a variety of small individual plates designed for sharing called “meze” so that with each bite, guests are not only treated to a sumptuous feast but are also invited to partake in the timeless tradition of sharing a meal, fostering connection, and exchanging stories – a truly only at Kenshō experience!

A delicious egg themed dessert

Set where the sun-drenched panorama of the coast meets the gentle lull of the waves, Kenshō Ornos invites you to experience its memorable cuisine, which nourishes body and soul alike.

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