Kivotos Santorini’s MAVRO Restaurant Unveils New Sensory Dining Experience

MAVRO's Chef Dimitris Katrivesis' Sensory Dining Experience at Kivotos Santorini

Known to travellers as a love letter to the beauty of Santorini’s volcanic landscape, Kivotos Santorini is serving up an all-new gastronomy experience at its signature restaurant MAVRO, courtesy of Chef Dimitris Katrivesis and it will be quite literally out of this world!

The restaurant’s new Head Chef, Dimitris Katrivesis, will deliver paradise on a plate with all new tasting menus featuring locally sourced and globally inspired dishes, drawing inspiration from the Cyclades’ rich culinary heritage and the hotel’s all-black architecture.

Kivotos Santorini is a sublime destination with a sophisticated ambience that boasts sweeping sea views in one of Greece’s most sought-after islands. This feature explains everything you need to know about the exquisite new gastronomy experience at MAVRO before its Grand Opening on 4 June.

An aerial view of the restaurant, showing its stunning location looking out over the sea

The Inspiration
Inspired by “Tradinovation”, the culinary nexus where tradition meets innovation, Chef Dimitris Katrivesis combines local ingredients, traditional recipes, centuries-old cooking techniques, modern flavour combinations and experience from his global travels to share carefully crafted dishes which boldly celebrate the culinary heritage of the Cyclades.

Commenting on the new culinary experience, Head Chef Dimitris Katrivesis shared, “Our mission is to create an evocative culinary experience in harmony with Greek traditions dominated by bold flavours and aromas that match the unique views of Santorini’s caldera in intensity and seductiveness.

The use of robata (open-fire cooking) dominates our menu, and we have incorporated the Greek “moirasma”, which is a style of dining that focuses on a “sharing is caring” attitude. The experience is intertwined with Greek culture and celebrates the purity and authenticity of Greek cuisine through a modern perspective”.

Chef Katrivesis’s menus are strictly seasonal, using produce sourced from the sea and shores of Santorini, comprising tapas-style small dishes for sharing.

Menus to Leave You Moonstruck

An aerial view showing the black exterior of the property

Taking its name from the hotel’s unconventional all-black architecture, which pays tribute to the island’s volcanic heritage, MAVRO, meaning “black”, invites guests to indulge in sweet and savoury culinary delights within its sophisticated ambience of ethereal elegance.

Guests are welcome to take part in an all-sensory culinary journey with the introduction of three new tasting menus named after the stages of the moon: “Full Moon”, “Dark Side of the Moon”, and “Half Moon”.

The Full Moon Experience is a degustation menu with eight stages, The Dark Side of the Moon Experience features six stages and is a vegan degustation menu, and The Half Moon Experience is a degustation menu with six stages.

A true labour of love, each experience features fresh seafood, delivered daily by local fishermen from nearby villages, prepared over an open fire to honour traditional Cycladic cooking practices. Even more, the dishes are inspired by the restaurant’s all-black design, so expect some daring odes to this distinctive feature in dishes.

Perched on one of the highest spots of the Santorini caldera, MAVRO offers a front-row seat to one of the world’s most enchanting settings. Dine al fresco and experience the primal beauty of the island’s volcanic cliffs as you take in unobstructed panoramic views of the Aegean Sea – a rare find on the popular island!

The dining experience whilst the sun sets

Sun-sational Day-to-Night Dining Experiences
MAVRO offers unforgettable day-to-night experiences for leisure lovers and foodies alike! Spend your day soaking in the Mediterranean sun at the restaurant’s pool terrace as you sip on hand-crafted cocktails from the comfort of your sunbed. The restaurant offers a sumptuous selection of refreshing beverages and bites to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Cocktails… on the Rock
Discover the brand-new lounge bar where you can enjoy signature cocktails from dusk to dawn. The bar menu also features Mediterranean-style small plates designed to share with mezze, small dishes and platters, all inspired by the gastronomic highlights of Santorini and Cyclades islands, along with traditional desserts with a chef’s twist.

The menu also showcases exciting seasonal produce straight from the seas and shores of Santorini, such as Carabineiro (large deep-sea scarlet prawns) and Great Amberjack fish from the Cyclades islands.

Come sundown; guests can experience the spectacle of Santorini’s world-famous sunset from the vantage of the hotel’s terrace, which hangs just above the Aegean Sea. Sit back, relax and enjoy the extraordinary technicolour views as you savour a glass of your favourite wine or champagne in the company of your loved ones.

Combined with a curated program of Sun Rituals, a mystical celebration of the sun’s primal powers, MAVRO’s sunset experience is sure to delight and make for unforgettable memories.

MAVRO reminds us that life should be celebrated at all times. The picture-perfect setting, combined with the warm Greek hospitality of the Kivotos brand, will transform every occasion into an unforgettable affair! Come for the views; stay for the experience!

Curious? Be one of the first to experience the hottest new dining experience in Santorini. Book your reservation today here for the Grand Opening on 4 June.

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