Hotel Barrière Les Neiges’ New La Terrasse des Neiges Gastronomic Concept

Hotel Barrière Les Neiges' New La Terrasse des Neiges Gastronomic Concept

Hotel Barrière Les Neiges is constantly looking for new ways to elevate its offerings, and one surefire way to do it involves food. In keeping with this and new for 2022, the luxury hotel has unveiled La Terrasse des Neiges, which is its vision of the perfect restaurant that fulfils every expectation, both culinary and experiential.

The new gastronomic concept will have a buzzing atmosphere and is open to everyone, including non-residents. The ski-in-ski-out, south-facing Terrasse des Neiges (image below) is perfect for a gourmet break after a morning of sport and fun on the slopes, and somewhere to refuel around the braziers, or just relax in the sunshine in a welcoming, fun atmosphere with a DJ set every lunchtime.

La Terrasse des Neiges at sunset with chairs covered with animal furs

La Terrasse des Neiges’ Chef has designed a culinary menu that pays homage to a wide range of foods produced locally in Courchevel, with each of the delicious creations being served in a separate casserole dish.

The hospitality group is well-known for its incredibly high standards when it comes to cuisine, so we are quite sure that everything brought out from the kitchen will tantalise the taste buds, and there will be something to delight everyone.

Items on the menu include Tartifles, Crozets gratin, potato and blue lobster gnocchi, and rigatoni. All will be presented in individual dishes to ensure that the long-simmered flavours remain intact.

Fouquet’s and BFire by Mauro Colagreco signature dishes will also be available to complete this showcase of Savoyard flavour. Guests can enjoy a range of indulgent dishes, including wood-fired pizzas to desserts such as profiteroles or churros with chocolate sauce, dulce de leche and vanilla-infused whipped cream.

Inside one of the cosy wooden walled lounges in the hotel

Entertainment-wise, the Terrasse des Neiges slopeside bar is the perfect place for a celebratory lunch, with breathtaking views over the snow-capped summits. Guests can choose from the lounge of the restaurant, where they will be able to sample barrel-aged signature cocktails. Or for something a little more theatrical, there is always the flaming cocktails, along with special cocktails and food pairings for gourmets, and again, there will be a DJ set every lunchtime, which should ensure a somewhat lively atmosphere.

A fmily ready to head out onto the snow

A fun and relaxing culinary break will leave guests feeling nicely invigorated, ready to head back into the skis to continue their descent or, if they feel inclined, head up to tackle new summits. La Terrasse des Neiges is open every day from noon for an open-air lunch. For more information, visit

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Inside the hotel's Ski roomHotel Barrière Les Neiges' New La Terrasse des Neiges Gastronomic Concept 2

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