The 2024 LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW LOVE Collection, An Ideal Gift on Mother’s Day

The 2024 LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW LOVE Collection is an Ideal Gift on Mother's Day

Gourmet Danish confectionery brand LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has been busily working away in its factory, creating a wonderful lineup of delicious goodies which are sure to wow all the most special ladies this Mother’s Day.

Make Mother’s Day extra special this year and spoil Mum with the sensational world of gourmet liquorice as the LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW LOVE collection returns for 2024. Avoid the old gift clichés and treat the women in your life to decadent chocolate-coated liquorice treats, a gift that won’t fail to impress.

Yes, it is made from liquorice, but you’d never know it!
A selection of the flavoured licorice in a jarBefore some of our readers switch off or try to click onto another article as the thought of liquorice conjures up difficult-to-stomach flavours from their youth, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW’s liquorice doesn’t taste like the traditional variety that many have grown up with.

In fact, after trying one of their tasty treats, we’re sure that pretty much anyone would be shocked to find out the main ingredient was liquorice!

The LOVE Collection
Rooted in Danish craftsmanship, the LOVE collection features popular flavour, STRAWBERRIES & CREAM, along with a new fruity companion, PEACHES and the limited-edition LOVE SELECTION BOX, sure to impress any matriarch.

The LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW LOVE collection is available from 18 January at John Lewis, Selfridges, Fenwick, and at the new LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW UK stores in Canary Wharf and Monmouth Street.

With endless hours spent perfecting the liquorice, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW’s passion for craftsmanship and quality shines through in the LOVE collection. Each individual chocolate-coated treat features an affectionate heart-shaped liquorice core, guaranteed to surprise and delight.

Whether looking to share the love with liquorice this Mother’s Day or simply after a ‘me-time’ treat to enjoy with your feet up on the sofa, the LOVE collection serves as a timeless treat made for any occasion.

The first fruity flavour in the collection is STRAWBERRY & CREAM, a classic combination taken one delicious step further, offering a sweet synergy between tangy red strawberries, soft white cream and sweet heart-shaped liquorice.

Brought together with a rich white chocolate coating, STRAWBERRY & CREAM serves an incredible taste experience of true Danish love, RRP £15.00 for 295g.

Two jars, one containing the strawberry variety, the other peach

Alternatively, treat a special lady in your life to PEACHES and discover the irresistible combination of salty liquorice smothered in dulce chocolate with a juicy peach flavour, a hint of passionfruit and crunchy pieces of liquorice. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, PEACHES is sure to leave her longing for more, RRP £15.00 for 295g.

If looking to seriously impress, the beautifully presented LOVE SELECTION BOX contains six flavours of LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW’s chocolate-coated liquorice, from fruity and fresh to sweet and salty, guaranteed to go down a (very sweet) treat.

The box with its heart design being held in the hand

The heart-shaped treats are perfect for gifting any motherly figure in your life with a soft spot for liquorice, and if you hold the same sentiment, they are also made for sharing!

Featuring a range of classic favourites and brand new limited editions, including MILKSHAKE, available only within the LOVE SELECTION BOX, it is truly packed with everything the heart desires, RRP £40.00 for 450g.

As with all LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW products, the LOVE collection has been created with sustainability in mind. The first confectionery company in the world to do so, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW, has been using jars made of 100% recycled plastic since 2019.

Still developing and producing all liquorice products in a small factory in Denmark, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is proud to announce that since 2020, the factory has run on 100% green energy.

Here in the UK, it’s fair to say liquorice is a polarising flavour – maybe even more so than marmite. However, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW believes its Danish gourmet liquorice can convert even some of the biggest haters and is on a mission to make the world love liquorice, one liquorice at a time.

This mission might seem challenging, but like true love, it should never be given up on – so make sure to share yours with a hater!

Spreading the joy of the Nordic flavour worldwide, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is available in prestigious UK retailers, including John Lewis, Selfridges, and Fenwick, and LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW’s stores in Canary Wharf and Seven Dials, Covent Garden.

Peach and strawberry liquorice varietiesThe 2024 LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW LOVE Collection, An Ideal Gift on Mother's Day 2

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