How LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW are Tastefully Spreading the Love in 2023

How LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW are Tastefully Spreading the Love in 2023

The Copenhagen-based confectionary company, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW, has brought back its Love Collection for 2023. In this feature, we’ll be taking a close look at what’s in the collection, the choice of flavours and how the company is winning the battle in changing people’s perception of liquorice.

If you turned back the clock just one year, I would never have entertained any notion of eating some liquorice. Growing up, the only times I ate it was in a container filled with sherbert powder, which disguised much of the liquorice’s overpowering taste. However, my opinion of liquorice changed last year, and I now view it as a special treat thanks to LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW.

In recent times, liquorice, marzipan, and ginger were all things on my avoid-at-all-costs food list. However, at the start of Summer 2022, I started to receive emails urging me to try LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW’s new premium range of products. I was contacted by a very persistent lady working in the PR world, and after multiple emails, my willpower buckled, and I agreed to try some.

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When the jars of liquorice arrived, I was surprised by how different LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW’s liquorice sweets looked from what was engrained in my memory. I popped one of the slow-crafted caramel date liquorice balls in my mouth, chewed it and immediately realised what I had been missing; it was flavoursome, easy to chew and surprisingly for me, I liked it!

With Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day approaching, it is the ideal time to talk about LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW Love Collection, which contains individual items to suit all budgets and is a great way to show your nearest and dearest how much they mean to you.

An image showing some of the items in the love collection

About the LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW Love Collection
The collection is designed for people wanting to spread some love and, in doing so, allows the recipient to discover the sensational world of gourmet liquorice. It’s an opportunity to show that you think outside the box, ignoring the all-too-common gifts of chocolates and flowers that lack thought.

An image showing the heart-shaped core inside each ball

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW spend countless hours perfecting their liquorice products, and it clearly shows in the LOVE Collection. Each chocolate-coated treat features an affectionate heart-shaped liquorice core, guaranteed to surprise and delight loved ones.

The first fruity flavour in the collection is Strawberry & Cream, a classic combination taken one delicious step further, offering a sweet synergy between tangy red strawberries, soft white cream and sweet heart-shaped liquorice. Brought together with a rich white chocolate coating, Strawberry & Cream serves an incredible taste experience of true Danish love, RRP £20.00 for 295g.

Alternatively, treat yourself to Fruity Caramel and discover the irresistible combination of salty liquorice smothered in dulce chocolate with layers of sweet blackcurrant and crunchy pieces of liquorice. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, Fruity Caramel is sure to melt the heart and leave it longing for more, RRP £20.00 for 295g.

The Love Collection Giftbox showing the six flavours

If you are looking to impress, the beautifully presented Love Selection Box contains six flavours of LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW’s chocolate-coated liquorice, from fruity and fresh to sweet and salty, guaranteed to go down a (very sweet) treat. The heart-shaped selection is perfect for gifting a significant other with a soft spot for liquorice, and if you hold the same sentiment, it is also made for sharing!

It features a range of classic favourites and brand new limited editions, including ‘Milkshake’, available only within the Love Selection Box; it is jam-packed with everything the heart desires, with RRP £42.00 for 435g.

Three sizes of jars containing the liquorice balls

As with all LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW products, The Love collection has been created with sustainability in mind. The first confectionery company in the world to do so, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW, has been using jars in 100% recycled plastic since 2019. Still producing all liquorice products in Copenhagen, the confectioner is rightly proud that since 2020, its factory has been running on 100% green energy.

Making licorice inside the factory

The Danish confectionary company is on an unwavering mission to make the world love liquorice – a mission that might seem hopeless some days but, like true love, should never be given up on.

The company’s range of liquorice products is available in many prestigious UK stores, including Selfridges, Harrods, Fenwick and Harvey Nichols.

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