Le Cordon Bleu Launches a New Online Wine Tasting Certificate

Le Cordon Bleu Launches a New Online Wine Tasting Certificate

Le Cordon Bleu London has launched a new online Certificate, which focuses on Wine Tasting. It is a six-week course based on fundamental wine knowledge and commences on the 19th of September with 3-4 hours of learning per week.

Imagine how your friends and family will react the next time you are at a social gathering, and you unveil specialist wine knowledge they had no idea you had! Many people claim to be an expert in wines, and we all likely know at least one. They’re the type of person that uses overtly flowery terms when discussing wines, assuming you know less than they do. However, things will quickly change when you can slip into a conversation that you have been awarded a certificate in wine tasting from Le Cordon Bleu London.

About the Wine Tasting Certificate
The new online wine programme by Le Cordon Bleu London will give course participants specialist wine knowledge and the skills required to taste and evaluate wines. The course takes place across 6-weeks and teaches students a systematic approach to wine tasting, alongside finding out how the winemaking process and viticulture impact different styles of wine.

Matthieu examining a glass of red wine

Developed and delivered by Le Cordon Bleu London’s Wine Development Manager, Matthieu Longuere MS, and will give participants the specialist knowledge, skills and the necessary understanding required to taste and evaluate wines. The course is suitable for complete amateurs and wine enthusiasts.

Upon completing the course, those participating will have built up and sound knowledge of the different kinds of wines and their nuances, including red, sparkling, white, rose, fortified and sweet wines. The result will be an educated palate born from tasting and learning the key steps in winemaking.

Three glasses showing different wine colours

The Le Cordon Bleu Certificate in Wine Tasting is a fantastic opportunity to learn fundamental wine knowledge at your convenience, and following the course, you will have the skills and confidence to discuss wine and make informed choices and pairings.

Matthieu Longuere said, “This programme will allow you to develop and build a sound knowledge of wines and acquire a more discerning palate by focussing on the tasting and key steps of winemaking.”

Le Cordon Bleu London offers a range of wine and beverage courses in person as well, from short courses and masterclasses to professional certificates and the Diploma in Wine, Gastronomy and Management. You can visit their programmes page to explore all available courses.

Key details:

  • 6-Week Online Course
  • Commences 19 September – 30 October 2022
  • 3-4 hours per week of learning

For more information, visit https://onlinecourseinfo.cordonbleu.edu/certificate-in-wine-tasting-london.

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The photography used in this article is courtesy of Le Cordon Bleu London.

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