Le Vian’s New Bee Positive Pendant Celebrates One of Nature’s Greats

Le Vian's Bee Positive Collection is a Homage to one of Nature's Greats

Nature is extraordinary, and one of its finest creations is bees. These incredible insects are inspirational and have once again been immortalised, this time in the new Bee Positive collection from Le Vian.

The importance of bees to the world can never be overstated. These small and beautiful bundles of energy inspire with their incredible work ethic, ability to live in harmony, and the honey they produce. All of which makes us and many others instantly fall in love with them.

The Le Vian Bee Collection is a wonderful homage to this extraordinary insect and is a beautiful way to remind the wearer of its importance, and in addition to this, it allows the brand to show that luxury doesn’t always need to come with a hefty price tag. For Mother’s Day, Le Vian has unveiled a very special Bee Positive pendant, which is exclusively available at Kay

A close up view of the bee pendant released specifically for Mothers Day

The Bee Positive collection has already stolen the hearts of jewellery lovers attracted by the buzz it has created, and it’s not only consumers that have fallen for it. It also recently picked up the 2022 Centurion Excellence in Design Award for Casual Fashion under $1500.

The award is probably one of the main reasons the Le Vian salespeople have been welcoming an extraordinarily high number of requests from Le Vian fans, who are all eager to add a Bee Positive piece to their everyday jewellery collection.

The jewellery company isn’t only using the bee as an attractive front for their latest collection; they, like us, take caring for bees seriously. They will soon be announcing a series of bee conservation initiatives planned for 2022, which we will look to write about once we get the full details.

Le Vian’s high quality, ethically sourced, and natural diamonds come together like worker bees to create exquisite and unique pieces in the Bee Positive collection. Each piece’s detailed cuts and finishes reflect the time and care that the brand gives to each collection, piece of jewellery, and individual diamond.

Le Vian has a well-established reputation as one of the leading jewellery brands in the US, Canada, the Caribbean and the UK. Although they are known for their celebrity following, their mission remains to make high-quality luxury, accessible and ethical jewellery.

The Le Vian Bee Positive collection is available in Jared, Kay Jewellers, Macy’s stores and various trunk shows around the United States.

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Le Vian's New Bee Positive Pendant Celebrates One of Nature's Greats 2

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