Renowned Designer Frank Stephenson Launches ‘Learn to Sketch with Frank’

Renowned Designer Frank Stephenson Launches 'Learn to Sketch with Frank'

Frank Stephenson, Creative Director at Frank Stephenson Design, has launched ‘Learn to Sketch with Frank,’ an immersive online design course poised to transform how aspiring designers approach their craft.

With more than three decades of iconic design under his belt, Frank Stephenson is now inviting enthusiasts and aspiring designers to delve into the art of sketching through his educational masterclass.

The groundbreaking course made its debut in front of an audience comprising industry leaders, educators, students, design professionals and media at the illustrious Royal College of Art in London and marks a pivotal moment in the world of design education.

The launch of the design masterclass

‘Learn to Sketch with Frank’ serves as a gateway to Frank Stephenson’s unique sketching philosophy, unravelling the core principles of creative sketching that promises to “open your mind and stimulate your creativity.” Drawing on his extensive career, Stephenson is set to impart the invaluable lessons he’s garnered over the years.

The course has been created for current and emerging designers and provides a roadmap to future-proofing one’s career in art and design across sectors.

A room full of students enjoying one of the masterclasses hosted by the renowned designer

In a world increasingly dominated by technologies like AI, Stephenson emphasises the enduring significance of human emotion and imagination in design. The course underscores the belief that, by translating ideas from mind to medium with a pen and paper, designers express their concepts in their purest form.

“The beauty of sketching isn’t in the final piece but rather in the process of creating. Sketching is about process, not perfection. It’s about the flow of ideas from your mind to your medium,” said Frank. “Sketching is a core requirement of design, imperative in my industry; despite AI and ChatGPT, we must still have a human touch.”

From revolutionising the MINI to shaping the design language for McLaren and now becoming one of the leaders of design in future mobility and transportation, Stephenson’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and technology remains unwavering.

‘Learn to Sketch with Frank’ promises a comprehensive exploration of Stephenson’s design thinking. The course seamlessly blends theory with practical techniques, offering participants over eight hours of exclusive video-streamed content, downloadable PDF tasks and challenges, and personalised reviews.

Moreover, participants gain access to quarterly live Q&A sessions on YouTube, providing a direct interaction opportunity with Frank Stephenson himself.

The designer engaging in a conversation with a budding designer

Those individuals or education institutions that enrol in the course also become part of a vibrant global community of like-minded individuals passionate about creativity and design. Exclusive industry news and insights on the community platform, coupled with a certificate of completion, further enhance the overall learning experience.

Whether a novice or a seasoned designer, ‘Learn to Sketch with Frank’ ensures participants acquire the skills to sketch a car in 2D with their unique touch. This masterclass stands as a testament to Frank Stephenson’s commitment to fostering the next generation of designers, offering a blend of inspiration, knowledge, and hands-on expertise.

The course can be purchased online now. To find out more, visit

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