Lexus Wants You to Design a Tattoo to go on a Full-Size UX

Lexus wants you to Tattoo a car

Lexus has launched a competition seeking to find the most talented tattooists. The best tattoo design will be printed onto a wrap and placed on a full-size UX.

Whether you love them or hate them, tattoos are everywhere. It’s hard to walk down a high-street without stumbling across a parlour filled with eager patrons wanting to be inked. Rewind a few decades and tattoos were frowned upon, considered the domain of the unsavoury. Many people today still have that opinion. However, things change, and the popularity of ink-on-skin is a sign of modern times.

Whether you’re in the for or against camp, there is no denying that some tattoos can look spectacular. And it is these best of the best tattooists who are capable of producing the spectacular whom Lexus want to discover.

Lexus is calling for talented tattoo artists to submit their design where the best eight will be shortlisted. From these, one will be chosen to go on a Lexus UX via a vinyl wrap. Yes, a vinyl wrap so please don’t take your valuable inking tools and start to put a design on a car!

Tattooing a Car

The designs will appear on Lexus UK channels in a type of online tournament. Eight will be chosen, and their designs will go on a 3D model of a Lexus UX which each of the finalists will be allowed to keep.

Who the winner is will be decided by the public through social media polls. The announcement of the winner takes place on the 17th of July. The chosen design will be printed onto a wrap where professional installers will apply it to a full-sized car. In addition to this, the winner will experience a professional photography session along with an interview by Lexus.

Fortunately, if the thought of tattoo designs on a car is akin to sacrilege to you, don’t worry, wraps can always be removed at a later date.

If you think you’re the talented tattooist, Lexus is looking for, head to their website here for further details on how to enter and terms and conditions.

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Lexus Wants You to Design a Tattoo to go on a Full-Size UX 2


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