Linea Azzurro’s Cashmere Is The Perfect Garment For All Seasons

Linea Azzurro's Cashmere Is The Perfect Garment For All Seasons

When an e-mail from Linea Azzurro arrived in my inbox, talking about all things Italian knitwear and accessories, it made me ponder: “Cashmere in Spring?”. Perhaps, it’s not crazy as it sounds, says Sabi Phagura.

We’ve had the Spring equinox; we’ve just entered British Summer Time (BST), but don’t be rushing to pack all your winter clothes away just yet.

The UK weather is incredibly varied, unpredictable and can play havoc on our seasonal wardrobe rotation. And while we are beyond ready to lighten the load and put away our bulky outerwear, there are some things that can stay hanging in our wardrobes all year round.

Mens and womens Linea Azzurro Cashmere Jumpers

Some of those items are trusted cashmere tops and accessories. Many assume this material is only suitable for autumn and winter, but the fact that cashmere is lightweight means you can wear it throughout spring and summer too.

We think a cashmere sweater has to be a wardrobe staple. Among all materials, nothing quite beats the luxurious feel of cashmere against the skin. Irresistibly soft and naturally warm, this type of clothing is highly sought-after for a good reason. Never going out of style, it’s stylish, elegant and versatile.

Aside from its warmth and super soft feel, cashmere is also renowned for its longevity. As a very durable product, it can easily last ten years and over 200 wears when taken care of properly.

Woman wearing Linea Azzurro Cashmere Pink Scoop Neck Jumper

Sweaters and accessories from Linea Azzurro are actually manufactured by an artisan factory in Italy. Their yarn comes from cashmere goats and is sourced from Mongolia, where the cold climate and lifestyle of the animals produce the longest and softest cashmere.

Each herder has between 100 and 200 goats, and at night, the animals are brought into farm enclosures where they are kept safe. But during the day, they roam freely to graze.

The traditional knowledge of the Mongolian herders yields some of the finest cashmere in the world.

The Cashmere Black Scoop Neck Jumper

Included in the range of ladies’ cashmere jumpers is the beautiful cashmere pink scoop neck jumper, which caught our eye. Also available in cream and black, this wardrobe must-have is great to wear all year round, which can be teamed up with a pair of jeans or fashionable leggings.

We particularly like the women’s V-neck that comes in teal, cream and charcoal.

Male model earing the Men's Cashmere Black Silver Crew Neck Jumper

Linea Azzurro also offers a range of stylish jumpers for men, including a cashmere crew neck, a V-neck, and accessories, such as hats and scarves. For a splash of colour, the cherry red crew neck number is just the ticket.

There’s nothing like a bright colour to lift the mood on a dull, dreary day.

Model wearing one of the brands Royal Blue V Neck Cashmere Jumpers

As the fashion industry changes over time, cashmere has always remained highly desirable. It’s got to be one of life’s little luxuries when it comes to garments. Providing feather-light warmth without the bulk, it’s a delight to wear against the skin and feels like a cosy hug on those chilly days!

Linea Azzurro – Where and How?

Women’s garments and accessories retail at £99, while men’s accessories are priced from £35. To find out more about Linea Azzurro brand, visit Linea Azzurro.

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