ll Signore delle Penne (The Lord of the Pens) is the title of the biography of Gianfranco Aquila

ll Signore delle Penne (The Lord of the Pens) is the title of the biography of Gianfranco Aquila

ll Signore delle Penne (The Lord of the Pens) the biography of Gianfranco Aquila

ll Signore delle Penne is a fascinating book that outlines the profile of the man, from his boyhood right up to old age, at the helm – together with his children – of Montegrappa and Tibaldi, Italy’s two oldest pen manufacturers, currently owned by the Aquila family.

ll Signore delle Penne (The Lord of the Pens) the biography of Gianfranco AquilaIn the ll Signore delle Penne book, the author, Claudio Ruggiero, retraces the strong ties with the paternal figure (Leopoldo Tullio, progenitor of this extraordinary family of “pen makers”) right up to the entry of Jean Alesi and Sylvester Stallone into the shareholding group.

ll Signore delle Penne is not just a commemorative book, nor is it hagiographic. It recounts, objectively and scientifically, the career path of the “young Gianfranco” and the so-called “learning curves” that taught him the difficult art of entrepreneurship.

The chapters describing Gianfranco’s entrepreneurial instinct are surprising, starting with the invention of the coordinati (gift sets consisting of a pen accompanied by another accessory) until the launch of the limited editions. Packed with intrigue and a hint of “gossip” is the chapter that reveals his passions (for cars, tennis, singing for friends), his whims (the tailored suits, favourite perfumes, the DVD collections), his bonds (the regular pizzas with his “young friends”, his love for his children) and his fears (the passing of time, regrets).

This personal, human portrait leaves no stone unturned, bringing to life the man and his temperament, habits, principles and discomfort in the face of mediocrity and untruths.

The most touching pages within ll Signore delle Penne are found in the chapter in which The Lord of the Pens earns his title, thanks to the meetings that put Gianfranco alongside Giovanni Agnelli, Sylvester Stallone, Fernanda Pivano, Alain Prost and Pope John Paul II receiving the Papal Pen made by Montegrappa especially for the Pontiff.

The slideshow of photos and meetings is extensive, and the images selected to accompany the text are befitting of a man whose character was forged by meetings that would mark both his personal and professional life.

The ll Signore delle Penne book includes testimonies by Franco Verona, President of Aurora, Franco Cologni, former executive President of the Jewellery and Watch division of the Cartier Group, Ciro Imbimbo, Head of the Surgical Andrology Unit at the “Federico II” University Hospital, and many others who wanted to say a few words about Gianfranco.

All proceeds from the sale of ll Signore delle Penne will be donated to an organisation that provides assistance to the disabled.

The ll Signore delle Penne book will be launched in Bassano del Grappa at the Libreria Sagittario in Piazzotto Montevecchio, Friday 9 December at 6 pm.

For more information on ll Signore delle Penne (The Lord of the Pens) and reservations email [email protected] or tel. +39 0424 522232.

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