LOCKDOWN Officially Opens at 27 Hollywood Road Central, Hong Kong

LOCKDOWN Officially Opens at 27 Hollywood Road Central, Hong Kong

The award-winning team behind Penicillin and Dead& has officially opened its new cocktail bar concept on Hollywood Road, which pays tribute to Hong Kong’s infamous lockdown era.

Hong Kong’s renowned bar visionaries Agung and Laura Prabowo of The Old Man, Penicillin and Dead& fame have officially unveiled their newest establishment, LOCKDOWN, paying tribute to Hong Kong’s notorious period of lockdown that endured for over the past three years.

Drawing parallels to the Prohibitions Era in the United States from 1920 to 1933 – an epoch characterised by clandestine gatherings and covert indulgences – this period of isolation and lockdown sparked the inspiration for the bar.

A photograph of the interior of the bar

Agung and Laura Prabowo bring with them over 50 years of collective experience in the hospitality industry, having previously established themselves as trailblazers with their groundbreaking cocktail bar concepts, The Old Man, Penicillin and Dead&.

Their multiple award-winning establishments have consistently pushed boundaries, challenging the conventions of small, independent cocktail bars, with Penicillin most recently being ranked #26 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023.

LOCKDOWN offers an intimate setting for up to 30 guests, blending the charm of the Prohibition era with contemporary Asian influences.

Every aspect of the design including the hand-blown glass display, iron mesh partition, and custom lighting, reflects the glamour of the 1920’s. Of particular note is the world’s first rotating bar station, a visionary creation by Agung Prabowo.

A photograph showing the high bar stools and vivariums

This innovative feature enhances the immersive experience for guests, providing a modern-day twist to the allure of the Prohibition-era ambience. The bar’s custom designs, masterminded by Agung and Laura, offer a captivating environment that transports guests to a bygone era.

LOCKDOWN’S Cocktail Menu – Re-mastered Forgotten Classics + Vintage & Antique Cocktails

Embracing the mystique and rebellion of vintage and forgotten classic cocktails, LOCKDOWN’s menu is a treasure trove of resurrected spirits and cocktails from Prohibition.

Each libation has a story to tell, blending classic ingredients with a modern twist, guiding guests through the illicit world of a modern-day speakeasy. Divided into two categories – Re-mastered Forgotten Classics and Vintage & Antique Cocktails – the carefully curated cocktail menu offers a total of 17 handcrafted concoctions, with prices starting from HK$120 per cocktail.

LOCKDOWN skillfully blends the true artistry of classic cocktails with the latest technology and trends in the mixology scene to re-master classic cocktails that are high in technical ingenuity, using various tools more akin to a laboratory than a cocktail bar, such as the masticator machine, liquid nitrogen, rotary evaporator, paco jet, and more.

The Gin Rickey cocktail

Stand-out signature Re-mastered Forgotten classics include the GIN RICKEY, a fresh reimagining of the classic Gin Rickey featuring parsley-infused gin, peach sake, peach liqueur, clarified banana miso, and sparkling wine. Named after Colonel Joe Rickey, who loved his Mornin’s Morning with bourbon and a lump of ice, LOCKDOWN’s version of the drink teases the palate with fresh, citrusy notes and vegetal undertones.

GRASSHOPPER is a sweet and creamy concoction comprising crème de cacao white, crème de menthe green, Branca menta, mint distillate, Absinthe, eucalyptus tincture and salted pistachio cream. The Grasshopper cocktail, originating in the early 20th century, gained popularity in the 1950s and ’60s and was originally created in New Orleans.

STONE FENCE draws historical roots dating back to colonial America, a contemporary and well-balanced cocktail featuring buttered miso bourbon, Pommeau, salted maple syrup, clarified lemon juice, penicillin cider and sliced cucumber.

LOCKDOWN’s revitalisation of the traditional colonial drink adds miso, Pommeau, and maple, bringing out umami sweetness and fruity elegance.

LEFT BANK is an homage to the Left Bank, known for its historical significance as a gathering place for artists, writers, and intellectuals. This cocktail combines Absinthe, crème de menthe green, Port LBV, elderflower St. Germaine, clarified lemon juice, fennel pollen vodka, and Boston bitter. It captures the district’s delicate beauty and culinary sophistication, offering floral, herbaceous, and rich flavours.

The Vintage & Antique Cocktails are a collection of cocktails that transcend time, featuring vintage and antique spirits from the 20th century.

Each sip is a journey through the past, as these rare Spirits bring a touch of history to the glass. From meticulously preserved bottles, the current 5 cocktails focus on crafted libations that pay homage to the golden age of spirits, offering a unique and nostalgic experience for discerning enthusiasts.

The Hollywood Cobbler cocktail

These cocktails are a celebration of the craftsmanship of the golden era, such as the 1950s Martini Cocktail (HK$450) featuring Ballantine’s London dry gin 1950s, super-dry vermouth and orange bitter or The 1970s Sazerac (HK$450) featuring Remy Martin VSOP cognac 1970’s, peychaud’s bitters, rinsed absinthe.

In addition to its menu of libations, LOCKDOWN will soon be unveiling a thoughtfully designed snacks menu, drawing inspiration from indigenous Asian culinary techniques.

For the time being, guests are welcome to enjoy and order delicious seasonal bar food from the neighbour bar, Penicillin, to enjoy the bar’s signature Koji Fried Chicken (HK$148), Chicken Skewers, piri piri style with peppers (HK$138), pulled pork tacos (HK$128) and more.

This exciting new venture from the award-winning team, including Co-Founders Agung and Laura Prabowo and Group Beverage Director Saan Dhakal, promises to captivate enthusiasts of innovative mixology, offering a distinctive blend of historical nostalgia and contemporary flair.

LOCKDOWN is now open for drinks and snacks on Monday – Saturday from 6 pm onwards.

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