New National Research Reveals London is the Capital of Oversleeping

New National Research Reveals London is the Capital of Oversleeping

New national research by the UK’s most trusted sleep brand, Silentnight, reveals London is where you’ll find the most oversleepers. The data shows that bleary-eyed Londoners suffer more from groggy mornings and poor wake-up routines than those in any other UK region.

The Silentnight study ¹ reveals around half (49%) of people in the capital snooze their alarm multiple times every morning, compared to just three in ten (30%) nationwide. Similarly, while just 29% of people across the UK admit that they rely on coffee to wake up in the morning, the figure rockets to 44% for bleary-eyed Londoners.

Sleep Expert Hannah Shore
Hannah Shore

According to ONS data, groggy mornings could result from longer working hours, with London workers racking up more hours of hard graft per week than people in any other region ².

According to experts, these additional working hours, workplace anxieties, and the stress of a higher cost of living in the capital can all negatively affect our sleep.

Silentnight Sleep Expert Hannah Shore says that’s because these factors can disrupt the rhythm of our bodies, causing us to naturally wake up later – with the figures revealing 54% of Londoners oversleep at least once a week.

Hannah notes that while the snooze button is tempting – especially for industrious Londoners battling their circadian rhythm – delaying getting up can leave you feeling worse off as you battle slipping back into a deep sleep and being disturbed again.

To help sleepy Londoners overcome groggy mornings, Hannah has revealed her top four tips for creating a good morning routine and avoiding woes.

Routine Routine Routine
Our morning routine and how we wake up are just as important as the routine we have to fall asleep at night. A good morning routine can make you feel more awake, alert and ready for the day ahead.

You Snooze You Lose
One of the first mistakes people make is snoozing their alarm – you begin to drift back off into a deep sleep, meaning you’ll feel groggy, disorientated, and sleepier when you finally summon the strength to rise.

It could take another 60 to 90 minutes before you start feeling at your best! This is because you’re essentially waiting for your next peak in your circadian rhythm.

Into the Light
If you’re still struggling to wake up, try turning on your light or opening your curtains when your alarm goes off. Bright light in the morning can help suppress the production of sleep hormones such as melatonin, therefore making you feel more awake.

Getting out and enjoying the natural light ³ is a great way to start the day refreshed, whether for a short walk, having your morning coffee in the garden, or being by a window.

A woman sat on her bed, cup in hand being bathed by natural light

Healthy Habits
The best way to wake up naturally is to ensure a regular time to wake up and stick to it, even at the weekends. Getting into the habit of going to sleep and waking up at the same time will massively improve your morning routine.

This is because by doing so, your body will start to produce the right chemicals to fall asleep and wake up at the right time of day, meaning you wake up from a lighter form of sleep.

For further information, please visit the Silentnight website here.

³A simple way to fight back against groggy mornings
We were recently given the opportunity to review a groundbreaking new lamp from the innovative British company Lumie. The desk lamp (below) has been specifically designed to replicate natural light in the home or office, and in our tests, we found it to be a revelation, making us feel energised and wide awake throughout the day. You can read the full review feature here.

A man using the Lumie lamp at a deskNew National Research Reveals London is the Capital of Oversleeping 2

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