The Limited Edition Arnold & Son Luna Magna Ultimate II Timepiece

The Limited Edition Arnold & Son Luna Magna Ultimate II Timepiece

Arnold & Son’s Luna Magna Ultimate II timepiece is a dedication to the extraordinary moon above Earth which, for Millenia, has fascinated humankind. The brand has encapsulated the aura of the moon within an exquisite timepiece, and Jeremy Webb doesn’t need a telescope to see its beauty.

The Luna Magna Ultimate II is 44 mm in diameter, a celebration of the moon we see above us every night, haunting, captivating and much more. The watch shows minutes, hours, a moon-phase indicator on the back and three astronomical moon phases (a correction of one day required every 122 years).

The white gold bezel is 18 carat adorned with 112 baguette-cut diamonds, surrounding the dial made from PVD-treated ruthenium crystals in a lagoon blue colour. An 18-carat white gold subdial in white opal & 12.00 mm moon offset with 161 diamonds and 161 Paraíba tourmaline sits with the main dial.

A closeup view of the watch dial showing the 3D moon

Around your wrist, the strap consists of lagoon-blue alligator leather on the outside and the inside raspberry-pink alligator leather & pin buckle 18-carat white gold, set with 26 baguette-cut diamonds.

Paraíba tourmaline glows blue-green on the dial of the Luna Magna Ultimate II, a beautiful gemstone that symbolises Wisdom, Insight, Voice and creativity and is the birthstone for those born in October.

PVD-treated ruthenium crystals adorn the exceptional Luna Magna Ultimate II from Arnold & Son; baguette-cut diamonds encircle these. The dial colour is the same hue as the Paraíba, one of Earth’s rarest and most precious gemstones.

Arnold & Son’s technical ability is at the highest level to produce the Luna Magna Ultimate II timepieces. The design shows exquisite taste in terms of the gemstones used and the techniques fitting them. They have inserted a 12 mm lunar sphere into a watch and superlative gem-setting.

The striking colour of the Paraíba tourmaline, a rare gemstone, is the finishing touch on this refined and exotic watch, in blue-green tones bordering on turquoise. The 44 mm diameter case is crafted from 18K white gold and studded with no less than 7.62 ct of exceptional-quality diamonds.

The dial is exceptional; the glittering appearance is due to millions of pure ruthenium crystals, a material rarer than platinum. The ruthenium is turned into crystals and dyed using complex processes before being deposited onto a dial plate.

Twelve signature Arnold & Son Roman numerals mark the traditional dial at 12 o’clock. Harking back to the aesthetics of the famous marine chronometers made by English watchmaker John Arnold, the off-centre subdial’s classical design is made of opal.

Under the time display, the three-dimensional moon has a new appearance with a white gold globe entirely pavé-set. It is split into 161 brilliant-cut diamonds, representing the illuminated side of the moon, and the same number of Paraíba tourmalines for the portion in shadow.

The rear of the watch showing the movement

The smoothness of the mechanical working comes from the A&S1021 calibre, assembled, fully developed, manufactured, and adjusted in-house. You hand-wind the calibre, designed with the lunar globe in mind, allowing you a 90-hours power reserve. The movement offers a secondary display on the case-back side, presenting the phase of the moon—the markings designed for high-precision adjustments. The sophisticated celestial mechanics are based on actual astronomical reality.

Arnold & Son has replicated the duration of a complete lunar cycle, which is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds. The company has managed to do this, so the watch remains accurate for 122 years to within a day. Arnold & Son has made this simple when the timepiece needs correction through access to the Luna Magna’s moon phase via the crown.

The Arnold & Son Luna Magna Ultimate II will be a Limited edition to just eight timepieces. If you would like to read more about Arnold & Son’s watches, please visit

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The Limited Edition Arnold & Son Luna Magna Ultimate II Timepiece 2

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