The Luxurious Magazine Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for 2023

The Luxurious Magazine Valentine's Day Gift Guide for 2023

With Valentine’s Day 2023 a little over a week away, we’ve compiled a real-world guide to some fantastic gifts that will surprise a loved one and show how much they mean to you on the most romantic day of the year.

There’s an oft-used phrase, and it goes, “Keeping it real”. Contrary to what some people might expect, we’re no longer in the habit (unlike some others) of writing about only the most expensive and lavish things in our gift guides; what’s the point?

Instead, we prefer to feature ‘real world’ things and experiences that will be within reach of most, and for our Valentine’s Day guide for 2023, we’re starting with something very tasty and affordable.

Tracklements Heart-Shaped Jar of Fresh Chilli Jam

A jar of the heart-shaped chilli jam on a white background

Give the gift of (Hot Chilli) love this Valentine’s Day with the New Tracklements Heart-Shaped Jar of award-winning Fresh Chilli Jam.

This addictive, sticky-sweet chilli jam smoulders with gentle heat from fistfuls of fresh red chillies. Incredibly versatile, it’s delish in Buddha Bowls, as a dipper for Thai Prawn Spring Rolls, with fish and meat, dolloped into any tomato-based sauce and, last but not least, simply stunning alongside creamy cheeses.

Buy it for yourself or give it to the love which makes your heart flutter – the message will be clear. And this gift of cleverly curated Fresh Chilli Jam doesn’t stop giving even when the last spoonful has been yummed down. Recycle the glass jar into a cute little vase as a new home for spice or herb mixes, pens and pencils or make-up brushes.

Tracklements Heart-Shaped Jar of Fresh Chilli Jam, RRP £6.55 for 350g, is available from fine food delis and farm shops nationwide and online at

A selection of extraordinary doughnuts from Donutelier

A selection of artisan doughnuts on gold trays

Another original way to show how much someone means to you, providing they are not super-picky and watching everything they eat, is a selection of quite incredible doughnuts from the newly launched Donutelier, which is apparently, the world’s first “doughnut atelier”.

Donutelier is the brainchild of the people behind Roladin, who have been creating luxuriant doughnuts for more than thirty years, and is located at 48-50, Charing Cross Road, London.

On offer are many exquisite flavours, which guarantees you’ll find something no matter how picky they are, which makes them an ideal Valentine’s gift.

Kohatu + Petros Jewellery

Kohatu and Petros Love You Heart Pendant Necklace

If your partner insists on receiving something ‘wow’ on the “special day” and keeping in line with the affordability ethos of this year’s guide, I recommend looking at what Kohatu + Petros offers. The independent jewellery boutique was established in 2006 and was founded by Varney Polydor and Joanna Salmond (below). Varney’s passion for fashion led her to co-found a jewellery brand that specialises in creating everyday, wearable jewellery.

Varney Polydor and Joanna Salmond, founders of the jewellery brand

The two ladies began the business from a small Marylebone studio and then went on to open the intimate and luxurious Kohatu + Petros Jewellery boutique in London’s fashionable Chiltern St.

If I had to choose one item from their extensive range of products that screams out “I love you”, it would be their Love You Hear Pendant Necklace (above), a beautiful sterling silver, gold plated 15mm heart pendant necklace with a twinkle dust finish. Something that should surprise most is it costs just £89! You can see the full jewellery range by visiting

A Scalp Massage with Super Seeds Natural Hair Oil from Nylah’s Naturals

Kam Davis holding a selection of her products

By now, it’s no secret that the key to healthy hair lies in scalp health. When the scalp is clogged with product buildup and dead skin cells, it makes it harder for the hair to thrive.

It also diminishes the positive effects of hair treatments as nutrients and microelements simply can’t penetrate the scalp and hair roots. However, many still don’t pay enough attention to their scalp in their everyday haircare routines.

Kam Davis, the brand’s founder, told us, “Scalp massages are great due to their versatility, numerous positive effects, and ease of performance. You may use a scalp massager if you want to, but a gentle, relaxing massage with your fingers works wonders, too.

You can do it either while cleansing your hair when you shower – in this case, it will help you remove product buildup and dead skin cells – or you can also massage your scalp when your hair is dry, which will improve blood flow and release muscle tension.

If you want to promote growth and infuse your hair with powerful nutrients, you can perform a scalp massage using natural hair oil, which is also beneficial if you have a dry scalp and hair.”

To’ak’s One-of-a-kind Chocolate for your one and only

The To'ak 8-bar Alchemy collection

We were recently re-introduced to To’ak chocolate, which was a brilliant reminder of just how special their chocolate is. Chocolate is pretty much a staple on Valentine’s Day, and If you’re feeling a little adventurous, why not try their 8-bar Alchemy collection?

It contains To’ak’s newest dark chocolate bars, including Ecuadorian culinary treasures like rainforest nuts and malva flowers, which, like chocolate, are also considered an aphrodisiac!

With each bar containing four individually wrapped pieces, this gift pack allows for several full tastings for two people. And, for that extra finishing touch, To’ak can even gift-wrap the chocolate and add a handwritten card.

Valentine’s Cards for your Pooch

Three cards with dogs on the front positioned on a white stool

Olivia Attwood, and her rescue dog Lola, in conjunction with Butcher’s Nourishing Food for Dogs, have unveiled a collection of dogs’ Valentine’s Day cards.

You can pick your pooch’s Valentine’s Day card, and support dog homes, shelters and rescue charities nationwide, by checking out the Butcher’s Nourishing Food For Dogs Healthy Heart collection at Purr and Mutt here.

Badiani Gelato’s Valentine’s Gelato Cakes, Heart-Shaped Penguins and more…

An image showing people holding up the different Badiani Gelato Valentine's Cakes

Award-winning luxury gelato producer Badiani is melting hearts across the country this Valentine’s Day with a gift selection specially curated to fill you with un-cone-ditional love.

Available to enjoy in all nine charmingly ‘Instagrammable’ boutique London shops, as well as online for convenient nationwide shipping, the collection is available from the first week of February and comprises tempting, limited-edition Ti amo-inducing treats.

The heart-shaped Penguins will be the only frozen heart you’ll want this Valentine’s day. The pink and white heart-shaped pinguinos are the must-have cute and cheeky gesture to be gifted from a new beau or secret admirer. Show that special someone you’re nuts about them with a pistachio or hazelnut chocolate flavour gelato cake.

Alternatively, why not gift a delightfully decadent, artisanal, heart-shaped cake, which has been handcrafted with creamy, Buontalenti gelato on a light sponge base covered with your chosen flavour of cream. How much of it you’re willing to share will be the ultimate test of love.

An authentic Japanese food box by Sakuraco

The delicious romance themed contents inside the gift box

A carefully curated Japanese snack box makes an ideal gift for the food-lover in your life. Sakuraco boxes deliver an authentic taste of Japan – with a focus on seasonal, artisanal and locally sourced treats.

Inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony tradition, each box contains 20 items that include sweet treats, savoury snacks, quality teas and elegant dinnerware to enjoy with friends and family.

Sakuraco snack boxes deliver worldwide, perfect for loved ones far and near. Get a one-time gift or a monthly subscription. Prices start from $32.50 USD. Order before February 15th to get this limited edition Valentine’s Day Sakuraco gift box in collaboration with the Osaka Prefectural Government.

A Single Stem Gilded Rose from Blooming Haus London

The single stem gold plated rose from Blooming Haus

Very few things are more emblematic of love than a red rose. For Valentine’s Day 2023, Michal Kowalski, Master Florist and co-owner of Blooming Haus, has created the limited-edition Single Stem, Gilded Heart Rose, which has been majestically accented in 24k gold.

Not only is this a gift that screams love, but it also signals pure luxury and sophistication. The £250 single golden stem will be hand-delivered in an exquisite presentation box.

Create cooking perfection with the Thermapen ONE. Every time.

A blue coloured Thermapen ONE checking the temperature of meat in the oven

One oft-overlooked passion is a shared love of cooking. If you are in a relationship with someone who enjoys cooking as much as you do, take a look at the Thermapen ONE. It is an ideal gift for cooks who knows that temperature, not time, is the key to creating perfectly cooked food.

The Thermapen ONE has been designed to be quick, accurate, easy to use, and take the guesswork out of every cooking challenge. Its versatility makes it ideal for creating perfect roasts, triumphant BBQs, magnificent cakes, jams and, of course, Valentine’s Day meals.

Share a Cocoa Canopy Hot Chocolate with your Loved One this Valentine’s

Three packets of Cocoa Canopy's hot chocolate

There’s nothing like snuggling up to a mug of Cocoa Canopy’s hot chocolate with a loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re looking to get steamy with a mug of Rich Dark, arranging a hot date with Smooth Milk, falling head over heels for Salted Caramel, having a cosy night in with Milk & Dark or weak at the knees for the 70% Ecuador Dark – there’s a variety for every occasion.

Cocoa Canopy’s unique chocolate beads are available to purchase from their online shop and Amazon in boxes of 225g (RRP £6.25 or £7.25 for Ecuador Dark).

Or, if you really want to wow your Valentine with a hot chocolate lovers gift, Cocoa Canopy’s gift sets offer you the ultimate hot chocolate set-up – a bundle of drinking chocolate beads, vegan marshmallow toppers and a mini whisk (available from their online shop and on Amazon, RRP £15-£16.50).

Try this Gin and Chocolate pairing this Valentine’s Day

A bottle of Silent Pool next to an open box of chocolates

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the English gin brand, Silent Pool, has paired up with Sweet C’s Handcrafted Chocolates to create an ideal pairing to gift for a loved one. This indulgent combination is an alternative sweet treat for gin lovers this Valentine’s day.

Sweet C’s Handcrafted Chocolates showcase true luxury using single-origin chocolate and fine-handpicked natural ingredients. Their Colombian chocolate blend has been accredited by the International Cocoa Organisation with the accreditation’ Fino de Aroma’, highlighting the quality of its cocoa blend.

The Rose Expression gin by Silent Pool is both light and elegant, with smooth, herbaceous notes of vetiver and cardamom mingling beautifully on the palate. Made using rose petals from Maddock’s Farm in Devon, the Rose Expression is a refined Silent Pool recipe which allows the floral flavour notes to take centre stage.

A perfect way to ease into the Valentine’s Day mood is by sipping upon the Silent Pool Rose Expression with elderflower tonic and fresh pear garnish to complement Sweet C’s Handcrafted Chocolates, specifically, the Florida orange infused dark chocolate with its ganache centre.

Officine Universelle Buly Mount Athos Incense

A tub of Officine Universelle Buly Mount Athos Incense surrounded by loose incense blocks

Upgrade the scent of your space with a gorgeously fragranced incense pot. Incense is a tradition that’s been around for over 2,000 years.

Inspired by the ancient Orthodox monasteries on Mount Athos, Officine Universelle Buly has put a modern twist on this age-old tradition, creating a collection of 14 unexpected scents – from Gardenia, Jasmin and Pine to the mystical ‘Heaven’; these can be added to potpourri or burnt the traditional way to create an atmosphere full of fragrance to set the mood, in particular a romantic one.

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