Luxury Boat Builder Hunton joins the Harrods’ ‘Made with Love’ campaign

Luxury Boat Builder Hunton joins the Harrods’ ‘Made with Love’ campaign

If you are heading over to London in the near future, one of the must visit attractions is London’s iconic Harrods store and if you are a fan of luxury and super-boats, you’re in for a treat. Hunton, the British luxury boat maker, often likened to a supercar manufacturer will be a part of Harrods’ ‘Made with Love’ campaign showcasing throughout August. The exhibition celebrates great British artistry and craftsmanship, ‘Made with Love’ brings together the best of British brands and invites visitors to commission their own one-off pieces.

New luxury is increasingly defined by personalised detailing, from an engraved message to a meticulously constructed one-off piece. With the demand for luxury never higher and designer labels now accessible to the merely well-off, the super-rich are now insisting on something more than just the ubiquitous luxury products that grace almost every high-end shopping street. Rarity. Bespoke is the new luxury.

But that does not mean merely limited availability. The most discerning clients are searching for traditional craftsmanship, a hand-built quality and attention to detail with a personalisation that clearly has not originated on big production lines in anonymous factories. These are products that only niche workshops, such as Hunton can provide.

Established in 1979, Hunton manufactures luxury performance powerboats and tenders. It enjoys an impressive heritage of offshore powerboat racing. What they learnt from racing has enabled them to build better and better customer boats with performance and handling second to none. The boats achieve speeds up to 70 knots, fast for a 43 ft cruiser. But speed is not the only distinguishing element that makes Hunton stand out amongst its peers. All the boats, from their 8m tender to the soon to be launched 52 ft powerboat, are hand-crafted with an attention to detail and quality of finish rarely seen on a boat of this size.

Ordering a Hunton is more akin to commissioning a work of art or a superyacht. The client is involved at every stage of the design process, to create a bespoke, one-of-a-kind piece ensuring that no two boats built are ever the same. Individuality is now the hallmark of haute luxury. From exterior paint effects and two tone finish, to sophisticated and elegant detailing in the saloon and exquisite, luxurious fabrics, clients can create their very own masterpiece.

Visit the Hunton display at Door 3, Lower Ground Floor from Thursday 7th August until Sunday 14th September.

Luxury Boat Builder Hunton joins the Harrods’ ‘Made with Love’ campaign

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