Magnus Gjoen Invites the UK to Engage in Art Therapy While at Home

Magnus Gjoen Invites the UK to Engage in Art Therapy While at Home

Renowned artist, Magnus Gjoen, has invited the nation to create their own masterpieces using beautifully printed versions of some of his most celebrated works of art.

The ultimate antidote to boredom, the Art Therapy colouring-in set (£45) includes six 21 by 21cm designs, printed on the highest quality 250gsm archival paper. Each of the three intricate images, carefully designed by Gjoen, was inspired by the traditional pieces of iconic Sèvres porcelain.

The Art Therapy set can be coloured-in or decorated; however, the art lover sees fit. While watercolours and a fine gold pen will give the best results, Gjoen encourages his audience to use whatever they have to hand in order to complete their masterpieces. Each will be a personal work of art and should take pride of place hanging on the wall.

The set includes two of each of print, which allows for a practice run before they commit to a design. The most meticulous of the three is a beautifully decorative skull, which was originally a sculpture in porcelain and bronze. There is also a grenade and a scarab beetle, which were created from photographs of Sèvres vases and urns, from various museum collections.

Gjoen commented on the Art Therapy launch: “For me, art is about rediscovery, taking things from the past and renewing them. This project will allow people from all over the world to redesign a piece of my art in their own way. An antidote to the boredom we’re all facing, the Art Therapy set is a way for people to spend their time and allows me to engage with my audience, encouraging them to question, challenge and rethink what art really is.”

Magnus Gjoen

Born in London to Norwegian parents, Gjoen is one of the UK’s leading contemporary artists with a sophisticated clientele including Kate Moss, Kylie Jenner and Megan Markle, to name a few. Exploring various styles and mediums, Gjoen has become known for blending a street and pop aesthetic with a fine art approach. Manipulating and embellishing iconic masterpieces and exquisite fragments from the past, Gjoen’s work offers a modern spin on traditional art and has been exhibited in galleries around the world.

Following his collaboration with The Wallace Collection, where he created a series of prints inspired by the museum’s Sèvres offering, Gjoen has become the first artist to release an interactive colouring-in set for his international fan base. In order to connect with his audience, and help them through the challenging times ahead, the beautiful templates will allow people to redesign one of Gjoen’s pieces at home, for a fraction of the price.

To celebrate this creative collaboration between artist and audience, Gjoen is also showcasing peoples’ interpretations via a digital gallery on his website, allowing for a sense of togetherness during this time of separation.

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