Mayla Yachts to Unveil New Era in Luxury Sports Boats

Mayla Yachts to Unveil New Era in Luxury Sports Boats

Established in 2022, Mayla Yachts, the Hamburg-based designer, manufacturer, and distributor of exceptional superboats, is unveiling the Mayla GT on stand A46 in Hall 5 at the Boot Düsseldorf (the Düsseldorf International Boat Show in Germany), taking place from 20th to 28th January.

The global debut of the Mayla GT at one of the world’s largest indoor boat shows is being heralded as the dawn of a new chapter for luxury sports boats, seamlessly combining usable, open-water performance with unrivalled comfort and sophistication.

In a nod to the iconic speed boats of the ’70s and ’80s, the Mayla GT’s sleek lines showcase its high-performance capabilities.

A photograph of the cockpit

Unlike many competitor yachts that look to accommodate as much volume and accommodation as possible within a given length, the Mayla GT boasts a long, elegant outline, more akin to a racing powerboat than a distance cruiser.

A deep-V monohull with twin transversal steps and patented Petestep® deflectors delivers optimal hydrodynamic efficiency. More commonly seen in offshore racing powerboats, transversal steps form bubbles of air under the hull, meaning higher top speeds can be reached for the same power.

The Petestep® deflectors reorient the spray beneath the hull, creating additional lift, a softer, quieter ride, and a notable rise in fuel efficiency.

This high-end carbon-fibre superboat achieves a unique marriage of lightness, strength, and stiffness, adhering to automotive industry quality standards with millimetre-level precision.

The boat performing a donut in the sea

The Mayla GTS variant, which is premiering at the forthcoming salon, features twin Ilmor 6.2-litre V8 supercharged power units, each delivering 650 hp, bringing the boat to an exceptional weight-to-power ratio of 3.5 kg/hp and delivering a top speed in excess of 70 knots (around 80 mph).

Mayla will provide a wide choice of propulsion options, including gasoline engines up to 3,100 hp, diesel engines up to 1,700 hp, and a hybrid electric system delivering up to 2,100 hp.

A rendering showing a side view of the boat travelling at speed

In order to withstand the loadings of such a high-performance boat, the structure was developed by the renowned Dutch engineering office, Solico, to withstand speeds in the 100 knots (115 mph) range.

The general specification of the boat makes for an interesting read as far as its philosophy is concerned.

Although measuring just 44 feet (13.5m) long, it tips the scales at just 4,500 kg. Designed to accommodate eight passengers, it does so in extreme luxury for a boat capable of such high-performance levels.

The sleeping area inside the boat

Mayla GT features a sumptuous cabin complete with a double bed, WC, separate shower, Alcantara® seating, wardrobe, vanity area, TV screens, and a premium audio system. The open cockpit offers sliding sun loungers, shock-dampening driver’s seats, a foldaway table, and ample storage.

A spacious garage at the stern allows for jet ski storage, featuring an electric door that transforms into a beach club platform at water level. Once you arrive at the destination, a wet bar, a barbecue, underwater lights, and a premium sound system ensure the cockpit provides extensive scope for entertainment.

Optional extras include air conditioning and a gyroscopic ride stabiliser to prevent the boat from rolling in choppy conditions.

Co-founder of Mayla, Christopher Gelsdorf, said that the high-end carbon-fibre superboat embodies the company’s dedication to redefining luxury powerboats.

He added that its fusion of cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance, coupled with an unwavering commitment to elegance, marked a new era in the world of luxury sports boats.

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A rendering showing the boat towing a jet skiMayla Yachts to Unveil New Era in Luxury Sports Boats 2

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