The X Shore PRO Electric Powerboat Could Be a Game-Changer

Swedish Company X Shore Launches The X Shore PRO Electric Powerboat

The X Shore PRO electric powerboat is the latest in the Swedish firm’s expanding range of zero-emission vessels. The craft targets professionals using waterways to transport people, guard coastlines and many more work and leisure activities.

Worldwide, countries are looking for solutions to make a cleaner world. Targetting net zero by 2050, governments are demanding that companies change their products to be cleaner and greener. X Shore in Sweden is a technology company acting as a beacon, as seen in its newly unveiled X Shore PRO.

The company is doing its part by helping cities, governments, and organisations reach their sustainability targets with the game-changing generation of fully electric, silent, connected boats.

The seating inside the boat which lends itself perfectly to shuttling people on water

The X Shore PRO is targeted at companies and organisations operating across various maritime professions, including commercial traffic, shuttle services, diving, coast guards and many more use cases. One of the first X Shore PRO vessels will be used for school transportation in the Swedish archipelago, revolutionising the daily commute while lowering emissions.

The Growing Global Demand For Emission Reduction In Inland Waterways And Shoreline Areas
The X Shore PRO is designed to match – and preempt – restrictions on traditional ICE (internal combustion engine) vessels introduced globally as part of climate-minded policy. Several US lakes, such as Minnesota and Washington, now prohibit combustion engines.

In addition, Norway has agreed to halt emissions from cruise ships and ferries in the Norwegian fjords no later than 2026. Elsewhere in Europe, Amsterdam is enacting a ban on commercial boats with diesel engines operating on the city’s canals by 2025 and electric boats in Venice are exempt from a new law introduced to help restrict boat traffic and air pollution on its crowded canals.

The Parliament of the Balearics has proposed a ban on renting non-electric yachts in Mallorca and its surrounding islands by 2030. ICE vessels have been banned from many lakes in Austria and certain lakes in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Denmark and several fisheries in the UK.

A side view of the electric boat on the water

Emissions from fossil-fuelled boats are substantial, and from fifty hours on the water, typical 6-10 metre craft can produce emissions equivalent to more than seven roundtrips between New York and central Europe by aeroplane. Noise pollution from ICE-powered vessels harms the planet, so electric-powered craft that are silent help reduce this impact. The International Maritime Organisation has found that noise from boats negatively affects short- and long-term marine life.

An aerial view showing the solar panels on the boats roof

X Shore CEO Jenny Keisu said, “The boating and shipping industries must be decarbonised, and central to this mission is bringing to the market viable and scalable alternatives to fossil fuel-powered vessels. The X Shore PRO is the natural evolution of our offering – our flagship Eelex showed that electric vessels can be beautiful and high-performance, and the X Shore 1 makes electric boating available at a lower price point.

The X Shore PRO shows that electric boats can serve the industry by delivering change at scale and reaching more people’s lives. We must not expect regular citizens to single-handedly drive the major net zero transition we need to mitigate climate change – this change must be driven by powerful figures such as companies, cities, and politicians. In launching the PRO, X Shore is providing a valuable tool to reach sustainability targets.”

The X Shore PRO is the manufacturer’s third model, following the flagship Eelex 8000 (launched in 2020) and X Shore 1 (established in 2022). X Shore was founded on three pillars: sustainability, technology, and design.

X Shore has a sustainability plan that marks the way for a net-zero future. Using its new technology, intelligent design, innovative research, and sustainable materials, passengers can explore the world’s waters without the harmful noise and fumes a fossil-fuel engine emits.

An internal view of the electric boat from its bow to its stern

The new vessel is built on X Shore’s tried and tested 8-metre platform that has been used for several years. Built with the latest innovative technology, X Shore uses sustainable methods and a clean Scandinavian design.

The X Shore PRO will be developed and manufactured at X Shore’s HQ in Nyköping, Sweden, and available in two configurations: Open and Cabin. The boats are built to order, according to customer requirements; therefore, prices are dependent on build specifications.

If you would like to learn more about X Shore and its range of electric powerboats, please visit

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The built-in steps leading down from the boats bowThe X Shore PRO Electric Powerboat Could Be a Game-Changer 2

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