Say Goodbye to Hot Sticky Nights and Stuffy Days with the MeacoFAN 1056P

Say Goodbye to Hot Sticky Nights and Stuff Days with the MeacoFAN 1056P

Hot weather can make simple tasks such as getting a good nights sleep nigh-impossible. We wanted to seek out a potential solution to this problem which affects millions of people. We put the MeacoFAN 1056P to the test and what we discovered is this swish looking fan is rather ‘Cool’ in more ways than one!

With significantly warmer weather around the corner, some people will be dreading the hot sticky summer nights to come.

Nowadays, houses have become far better insulated as a result of the move to become greener. Modern homes are designed to be much more efficient in retaining heat and the good news is that they are also great at maintaining cold air inside one’s home, and this is where our test subject, the MeacoFAN 1056P, shows its talent.

A young woman struggling to get to sleep on a hot night
Functioning the next day following a poor nights sleep is nigh impossible.

There are many ways you can make a home cooler during overly warm days and nights. These can be as simple as opening windows that some people are averse to doing due to the potential security problems and the influx of smells and insects. There is also the option of blackout blinds and curtains and, of course, dedicated cooling products.

Sitting at the very top of the cooling products tree is air-conditioning. It is the sure-fire way to bring down the temperature within a property rapidly. However, it can be costly to buy, install and run, and unless you’re purchasing higher-quality products, some air-conditioners can be excessively noisy.

A beautiful sandy beach on the tropical island we lived on

My wife and I have extensive experience when it comes to testing cooling products. Only seven years ago, we were living on a tropical island in a six-bedroomed, beachfront property, and each room had a separate air-conditioning unit installed.

With temperatures frequently topping 30C at night, it was essential. However, there were some drawbacks to the air-conditioning, and one of them was the shockingly sore throat I woke up to each morning. Fortunately, we also had ceiling fans in each bedroom, and we found this to be a far better way to get a good night’s rest without any side effects.

Ever since we have been (excuse the pun) ‘Fans of Fans!’ Around our house, we have amassed an extensive collection of fans, and all are efficient to varying degrees in what they were designed for.

Even with all this choice, all but the one mentioned at the end of this article has at least one drawback. So, when came across the MeacoFAN 1056P, we conducted some research and in doing so, came to the conclusion that this product could be the one fan that does it all.

The Meacofan is very pleasing on the eye which makes it ideal for every room

About the MeacoFAN 1056P
The MeacoFan 1056P is Meaco’s largest fan, and in simple terms, it is a height-adjustable pedestal air circulator. It is available in white and has quite an original exterior design which we’ll discuss in more detail a little later.

One of the first things to note is the MeacoFAN 1056P comes pre-assembled and ready for use, unlike some other more inferior products that require tools and few expletives.

It’s pretty light, weighing a tad under 5kgs and via a button on the column’s rear, it can be adjusted between 80 and 95cm at its tallest point. At the top of the fan is a handy strap that makes transporting it simple.

The magnetic, circular remote control you use to operate the fan

The 1056P is operated via a circular, black coloured, remote control unit. A nice feature of this remote is that it is magnetic and can be placed in a disk on the front of the fan, or should you prefer; it can be kept close by, for example, on a bedside cabinet.

MeacoFAN 1056P Oscillating fan head

The MeacoFAN 1056P is jam-packed with innovative features, which separates it from other more traditional products in its sector. The fan head can move up and down and side to side, and with just the press of a button, you can fix the direction of the airflow.

The multi-directional oscillation technology is said to work by bouncing airflow off walls, floors and ceilings to ensure a consistent coolness in the room.

It has four modes of operation:

  • Normal: This gives a constant airflow via 12 different speed settings.
  • Natural: There are again 12 different speed settings with the airflow moving between weak and strong to replicate a natural breeze.
  • Sleep Mode: With this, the fans speed decreases by one level every thirty minutes until it reaches speed one.
  • ECO Mode: In this setting, the fan speed changes according to the temperature of the room.

In addition to the above modes, it also has a timer function that can be set between 1 and 12 hours and a night light option. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the MeacoFAN 1056P produces a maximum airflow of 1653m³/hour with a maximum air velocity of 4 metres per second.

The ultr-quiet MeacoFAN 1056P is so quiet, you forget it is there

The noise factor
One of the most significant selling points of the 1056P is just how quiet it is. We placed it in the corner of the bedroom in total darkness with the light mode off and forgot it was there within a couple of minutes. There is a very obvious hum with most fans, but the clever design of the MeacoFAN 1056P seemed to eliminate this.

Meaco is known for creating almost silent products, and this lovely-looking air-circulator shows they haven’t lost their touch. It is so quiet, it was awarded Quiet Mark accreditation, and this is down to the low energy DC fan motor it uses, which results in the ultra-low noise.

The design
Most fans seem to adopt the same formulaic design. However, Meaco has a different approach; they clearly wanted to create something that enhances the property it will be used in. My wife and I both used the word ‘cool’ to describe the 1056P.

I am a huge fan of sci-fi movies, and to me, it looks like it could sit comfortably in the background of a movie that was set fifty years from now. Its round head and white colour allows it to blend seamlessly into the background of any modern home and will undoubtedly cause some visitors to query what it is.

The base of the fan with it's digital display monitoring room tempreture

Final thoughts
The MeacoFAN 1056P did everything we hoped and more. Sat in front of it on the higher fan settings, it felt like my childhood days in the back of the car with my head stuck out of the window.

For those who keep one eye on running costs, this is an ideal product to banish hot, uncomfortable nights and those stuffy days working in home offices. It’s also a perfect companion when working out to something like an online Les Mills class, as my wife discovered to her delight.

Young wman enjoying working from home

The MeacoFAN 1056P offers a whole host of positives. Given the current times we’re living in, and with nasty things still hanging about in the air, the simple fact that you can have something that’s packed with features, looks great and keeps stale air circulating makes it a product that should sit atop of your must-haves’ list this summer.

The MeacoFAN 1056P is priced at £139.00 making it a cost-effective alternative to many other home-cooling products. Meaco offers an extensive range of air-enhancing and cooling products, you can see the full range, including pricing here.

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Say Goodbye to Hot Sticky Nights and Stuffy Days with the MeacoFAN 1056P 2


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