Mimi Shodeinde Of Miminat Designs Shows How Functional Art Can Be

Mimi Shodeinde Of Miminat Designs Shows How Functional Art Can Be

Introducing the Okuta Collection, functional art design pieces by 25-year old British-Nigerian interior architect and designer Mimi Shodeinde.

Okuta is a new functional art collection that includes serving boards, bowls, tea sets, jugs, decanters and ceramics. The designs are inspired by ancient Yoruba stone murals and explore the organic and natural forms of late 14th century Yoruba design.

Available to buy online from 5 November 2018, the Okuta collection’s fusion of wood, brass, glass, ceramic and gold leaf, embodies the richness that the African continent and Yoruba culture have to offer. The raw, dark offcuts of wood juxtaposed with the smooth texture of brass and glass create a poetic synergy where art meets design. The deliberate use of gold leaf refers back to a long history of a cultural affinity to using colour to enhance and transform palaces, shrines, clothes and artwork. With every piece created to epitomise functional art, the Okuta collection offers a gateway to the secret world of ancient African storytelling.

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The Okuta collection is sourced and handmade in Europe and brings together a fusion of modern European sensibilities imbued with classical African design. Glass elements are mouth-blown in the Czech Republic using Borosilicate Glass and finished with leather and brass detailing. Mimi’s dedication to pushing boundaries in design is illustrated through an investment in detail oriented and bespoke craftsmanship.

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Mimi Shodeinde

Born and raised in London, Mimi Shodeinde developed a distinct flair and passion for art at a young age. Her drawing and painting skills allow her to explore the beauty between form and function and how they are interwoven. Mimi’s degree in Interior Architecture encouraged her desire to play with the concept of using art to constantly manipulate and create an architecturally well-designed space. There she developed the notion that everything is a form of art. Her influences are drawn from her Nigerian heritage but also her love for travel, which allows her to assimilate different cultures and incorporate them into her designs.

In addition to her painting and furniture design, Mimi is the co-founder of the charitable organisation ‘SHE.Creates.’ This charity has been established to help improve the lives of young women in developing regions by nurturing their creativity.

Miminat Designs – Where and how?

Miminat Designs is a London based Product and Interior Architecture Studio. Founded in 2014, the company is committed to producing functional art pieces, taking in influences from Africa’s distinct heritage. The mission is to constantly innovate and push the boundaries of design.

Mimi Shodeinde Of Miminat Designs Shows How Functional Art Can Be 5

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