Why Mortlach’s The Beast of Dufftown Should be in Every Whisky Collection

Why Mortlach's Beast of Dufftown Should be in Every Whisky Collection

Speyside is famous for its Distilleries producing fine single malt whiskies. Mortlach in a small town called Dufftown is one of these magical places where water, malt and yeast are brought together to create the water of life. Their 20-year-old single malt is exceptional, and they are proud to call it The Beast of Dufftown.

Diageo’s Global Luxury Brand Ambassador, Ewan Gunn has chosen the Mortlach 20-Year-The Old Beast of Dufftown as one of five exceptional whiskies to start a collection. As people invest in whiskies due to the growing prices fine malts can make, Ewan believes enthusiasts should also be collecting bottles to drink. He has extensive knowledge of whiskies and believes there are three fundamental principles in forming a collection. Rarity, story, and taste are his three watchwords to find whisky for a superb collection.

A bottle of Mortlach's 20-year-old single maltEwan is a big fan of the Mortlach 20-Year-Old, The Beast of Dufftown, which he describes as an elegant, rich, bold whisky, matured exclusively in European oak casks.

He said, “No collection will be the same. What draws you to a particular bottle will be different for someone else.”

As an ambassador for Diageo’s extensive portfolio of luxury whiskies, Gunn has incredible access to different bottles, but he always applies the same three foundational principles in forming a collection.

Ewan added, “The key things I try to keep in mind are a whisky’s rarity, its story, and most importantly, its taste.”

“Dalwhinnie, 30-year-old, contains all three. It’s a really rare expression from a classic Highland distillery, produced during a really small window of time when the distillery operated column condensers rather than warm tubs.

6978 bottles have been made available globally, and I think three decades of maturation have brought an elegance to the vibrant character of Dalwhinnie.”

Rarity can come from the way whisky is matured, such as the Lagavulin Distillers Edition, double matured in Pedro Ximenez casks, its age or the Mortlach 20-year-old, and the distillery where it’s made. The 30-year-old Pittyvaich is from a ghost distillery that will never produce whisky again.

Pittyvaich Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 30 Years

Ewan said, “Often, it’s the personal element that makes building a Scotch collection a unique experience. The 25-year-old Talisker has the space and intensity you’d expect, balanced by a richness and depth that only a quarter of a century on wood can achieve. I poured myself a dram of Talisker the night my twins were born, and for that reason, it will always feature in my personal collection.”

About The Beast of Dufftown
On the nose, the Beast of Dufftown smells of Olive oil, sultanas and green apples to lead. Warm, oily engines hide right at the back, with soft fruity notes pushing forward – sweet apples, raisins and mixed peel. Tropical notes begin to emerge: pineapple and candied papaya. Brown sugar and toasted oak slowly build.

The taste offers hints of Demerara-sugar dusted apples, olive-oil sponge cake and a bowl of mixed sultanas and raisins. Darker flavours slowly develop, with dark chocolate, dates and prunes balanced against fresher apple and pear orchard fruit notes. Hints of honey and menthol appear towards the end.

The finish in your mouth is honey and menthol to start – lemon Lockets without the lemons – with nuts and vanilla.

The Beast of Dufftown is a superior single malt, smooth, characterful, delicious whisky. No more needs to be said.

The Mortlach 20-Year-Old is available to purchase at the Whisky Exchange for £195. Find more information on other superior whiskies from Mortlach here, www.mortlach.com.

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