Four Ways to Introduce More Natural Light to Your Home

Introduce More Natural Light to Your Home

Light is considered by virtually everyone on Earth to be a necessity, and rightly so! Gone are the days when we must rely on the sun’s rays to light our homes and aid our sight. However, with electricity being as accessible as it is, it can be easy to forget the benefits of natural light.

These benefits go beyond its functionality as a light source, of course. Natural light possesses an unmatched source of vitamin D, which has a staggering amount of health benefits from reducing the risk of heart disease to the prevention of various cancers.

Exposure to natural light can also improve your sleep schedule and assist with issues related to mental health.

With all of these benefits in mind, we have enlisted the help of Jonathan Hey, the founder of Aliwood Roof Lanterns, to provide his professional insight on the numerous ways you can introduce more healthy, natural light into your home.

Lighter brighter paints help with natural light

Lighter and Brighter Paints
This first piece of advice may seem quite obvious, but it’s included in this list for a reason: it works really well! It goes without saying that white is the brightest shade you could choose, but there are plenty of other choices if you don’t want to commit to the whitest of whites.

You could go for more of a cream or an eggshell white – there is a multitude of subtly different shades you could paint your walls to amplify the invigorating effect of natural light.

It’s important not to forget about your ceiling in the pursuit of natural light! Most ceilings you see are white for a reason: they reflect light, which is exactly the effect you want. A flat white is preferable over a glossier coat, as the matte finish will reduce glare.

Mirrors and Reflective Objects
Putting a mirror opposite a window can help to double the amount of natural light that enters a room!

Any shiny or reflective object will have a similar effect, so their inclusion in your home is a huge plus when looking to boost the presence of natural light.

Along with mirrors, accessories like silver photo frames, metallic fixtures and faucets, and furniture with glass or chrome accents will all help to reflect natural light around your house.

The Right Colour Palette
If you’re not partial to the shiny, reflective look, you can still help natural light flow through your home by choosing the right colour palette.

We’ve already covered the importance of lighter walls and a bright ceiling, but lighter-coloured furniture is also a huge asset in the spread of natural light.

This doesn’t mean that everything you own needs to be white, but lighter shades will definitely bolster the effects of the sunlight as it floods your home.

Richer accents can be found in smaller details throughout your house, such as sofa pillows, throws, rugs and wall art. These additions will complement the warmth of the natural light and prevent the colour palette from being too one-toned.

A roof lantern installed by Aliwood to increase natural light

Invest in a Roof Lantern!
You can have as many light colours and reflective surfaces as you like, but without a good source of light, the rest will all be in vain. Windows do, of course, play their part very well in the introduction of natural light to your home, but nothing envelops a room in the sun’s rays quite like a roof lantern.

This worthwhile purchase will treat you to all the benefits natural light can offer, both to your home and your health.

A roof lantern will assist in reducing your energy usage whilst also turning an ordinary space into an architectural masterpiece.Four Ways to Introduce More Natural Light to Your Home 2

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