Parma Ham Announces New Production Regulations to Increase Health Benefits

Parma Ham Introduces Innovative Production Regulations

Known for its centuries-old tradition of flavour and craftsmanship, Parma Ham has announced changes to its production regulations, elevating this historical product’s quality and health benefits while ensuring transparency and authenticity for consumers.

Parma Ham has taken a step towards a more health-conscious product by reducing salt content during production. This initiative aligns seamlessly with contemporary dietary preferences, reflecting the brand’s commitment to tradition and innovation.

Among these new measures, Parma Ham has redefined the list of permitted genetic types of pigs for its PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) production circuit. All potential new genetic types seeking admission will undergo rigorous eligibility evaluations, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to maintaining the highest quality standards.

The Parma Ham heritage now spans across eleven distinct regions of pig origin, with the addition of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Additionally, the introduction of precise weight assessment criteria ensures consistency in product quality and portioning. Parma Ham has transitioned from average live weight to individual weight evaluations, with a minimum of 110.1 kg and a maximum of 168 kg. This enhancement guarantees that every slice of Parma Ham meets the brand’s exacting standards.

A noteworthy stride in the pursuit of healthier consumption, Parma Ham has lowered the salt content limit from 6.2% to 6%. This reduction comes with contemporary dietary preferences while maintaining the distinctive flavour and quality that Prosciutto di Parma has produced for generations.

The heart of Parma Ham’s irresistible taste lies in its curing process. The brand has extended the minimum curing period from 12 to 14 months, ensuring that each slice embodies the quintessential Parma Ham flavours. Drawing on positive results from studies, Parma Ham extends the Date of Minimum Durability (DMD) for pre-sliced packets.

These changes highlight Parma Ham’s commitment to excellence, ushering in a new era of elevated flavour and health-consciousness while valuing tradition.

Freshly sliced ham at a picnic

Parma Ham is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product that is 100% natural, free of nitrites and nitrates. The drying process that Parma Ham goes through creates a very low fat content ham, with many mineral salts, vitamins, antioxidants, and easily digestible proteins. This makes Prosciutto di Parma a food that everyone can enjoy.

Prosciutto di Parma is made with only two ingredients – Italian pork and sea salt – and is exclusively produced in the hills around Parma using all-natural production methods handed down for generations.

Parma Ham’s unique taste is dependent on the traditional production process passed down over the centuries, which is carefully quality-checked by an independent certification body to ensure every leg of ham is of the highest quality. At the end of the ageing period, each leg of ham is individually quality-checked by an independent inspector, who inserts a horse bone into five different points of the ham and smells it to ensure it is appropriately matured.

It is only hams that have passed these checks that can be awarded the fire-branded stamp of the Ducal Crown – a five-pointed coronet logo with PARMA in the centre. The Ducal Crown is now a certification trademark, which is also present on pre-sliced packs of Parma Ham.

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Parma Ham Announces New Production Regulations to Increase Health Benefits 2

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