ONE LDN Founder, Evgenia Koroleva, On The Elite Gym That’s Got Everyone Talking

ONE LDN Founder, Evgenia Koroleva, On The Elite Gym That’s Got Everyone Talking 4

We talk to ONE LDN founder, Evgenia Koroleva, about the latest London gym to shake up the fitness industry – and why it’s different to all other gyms out there.

Hi Evgenia, could you tell us about your background and what inspired you to create ONE LDN?
As a keen sports enthusiast, I’ve always enjoyed exercise, but I rarely went to the gym and often did outdoor sports as I found gyms mundane, intimidating and most of the time I simply didn’t know what I was doing or the benefits it could bring. I was fed up with paying for a lengthy premium gym contract, where classes were simply not good enough, as well as various studios just to get fun quality workouts that delivered results. This was coupled with all the time wasted, having to travel between multiple locations and the money that it all cost. So I wanted to create a place that has it all, under one roof, at affordable prices. That’s how the idea of a no-compromise premium gym was born.

What were the most important elements you wanted to incorporate into the gym?
Based on our experience and with our belief in cross-training in pursuit of physical and mental wellbeing, we wanted to design our training facilities to incorporate all the major components of fitness all in ONE place – Strength, Cardio, and Flexibility. We picked out the most effective and engaging elements and classes that deliver real results.

ONE LDN Founder, Evgenia Koroleva, On The Elite Gym That’s Got Everyone Talking 5

How exactly is ONE LDN different to both traditional gyms and boutique gyms?
Firstly, ONE LDN allows customers full flexibility, in terms of both pricing and the offering. Secondly, we put a very strong emphasis on education. Every class is place that people chose their route – they can simply have a sweaty workout or a place where they can learn something new, improve and we’ll support them in their progression. This education piece is what makes every class a journey of personal betterment, both physically and mentally, and not a caption in time for our customers – the one approach fits all simply doesn’t work.

ONE LDN Founder, Evgenia Koroleva, On The Elite Gym That’s Got Everyone Talking 6

How do you think Londoner’s attitudes towards fitness have changed in the past few years?
Typical Londoners struggle with life overhaul and wanting it all; we’re increasingly demanding and time poor. We need it all now – the best facilities, the best range of classes, the best instructors that deliver fast results and slot perfectly into our busy work schedule and come at no sacrifice to our social life and bank balance.

What might you say to someone who’s new to fitness and may feel intimidated by trendy gyms?
Personally, I’ve always found that I was intimidated by many boutique studios and I found mainstream gyms hostile and I came to realise the importance of creating the most welcoming atmosphere possible within the club so people always felt happy and excited to come here and be here. And it’s the sense of community and overarching support at all levels that makes people go further and achieve more, as it’s not only the instructor who is supporting them but also their peers.

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