Ong Chin Huat discusses AS29 with Audrey Savransky

The Sweetest Pill – AS 29 by Audrey Savransky

The Sweetest Pill – AS 29 by Audrey Savransky

Audrey Savransky’s jewellery is a modern diamond remedy that promises to cure all ailments! Born into a family of diamond mechants, Audrey infused her modern, hip take on diamonds making them look good worn with leather and denim or with tulle and lace. Sold in chic places like Colette, Bon Marche, Montaigne Market and Printemps in Paris, Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Liberty in London and Bongenie in Switzerland, the AS29 line of jewellery offers the modern women the perfect cure to diamond envy.

AS 29 by Audrey Savransky

Q. Could you tell us a bit about how you got into jewellery design and when you started your own label AS29?
A. Coming from Belgium, Antwerp, my Family has been in the diamond industry for four generations. When I moved to HK 10 years ago I started manufacturing for other brands and launched AS29 in 2008 after a few years of manufacturing experience.

Q. How did the number 29 get incorporated into your brand name?
A. In the beginning I wanted to come up with a different marketing concept then my competitors. So I decided to come up with a concept of ‘ diamond remedies”. AS29 packaging today is in the shape of a medication pill (aspirin) and so we called AS29 because I wanted to make allusion to what chemical compound there was in my remedies. But actually it’s just my initials and lucky number 29!

AS 29 by Audrey SavranskyQ. How do you work normally? Do you follow the Ready-to-wear seasons ie. Come out with 2 collections a year eg. Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter or do you just design pieces on an ad hoc basis?
A. I do follow the ready to wear season and Fine Jewellery/Couture week too in July. We usually have one big collection in June/July for the Xmas orders and 2 other collection we present in October and March. For the rest of the year there always new pieces coming out…but much smaller collection ( 3 to 5 pieces).

Q. How does a piece of jewellery manifest in your collection? Is it from an exquisite stone which catches your eyes then you create a setting for it? Or you do sketch a design then go hunting for the stones to fill in?
A. I usually always use the same type of stones. All in the same sizes and in three different colours ie. white, black and grey. It’s really my signature stone for the last few years. All my creation are inspired by these stones and by the same type of setting each season which is micro setting.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?
A. Fashion trends influence my creations deeply. But also past creation I did I often rework and develop new lines from there

Q. Tell us about your latest collection?
A. My latest collection is the Ocean Collection. It’s a very poetic yet rock and roll collection. With my signature 2 and 3 finger rings that spread across the hand (and fingers.) I was inspired by the movement of the waves and started creating from there, using micro setting as our signature setting and mixing white and black diamonds in 18K black gold.

Q. Do you have any favourite gem stones or materials which you find yourself using over and over again?
A. Yes small diamonds – white and black diamonds.

Q. Do you like necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings most?
A. I personally wear the most: earmuffs and 3 finger rings. I love to stack my ring and phalanx rings

Q. If a woman could only own one piece of jewellery, which one should it be?  
A. My spine cuffs in white diamond white gold and black diamonds! Kate Moss wears is and it look fabulous.  (picture attached)

Q. How do you think a woman should draw the line between being over accessorized and being appropriately accessorised?
A. The way you wear jewellery is usually a reflection of what kind of person you are. It’s the same with fashion. Some people can definitely pull of an over the top look where as some other prefer to just wear one piece at the time, and go for a more understated look. It’s very personal but both are totally acceptable in my opinion.

AS 29 by Audrey SavranskyQ. Do your design pieces specifically for day time or night time only? Or are most of your jewellery able to be worn both in the day and night times?
A. The majority of my pieces have been designed to be worn both ways. You start with a simple ring and by adding and stacking other pieces you get a more evening /night time/ elaborate look. But most of my pieces are for any occasions, you don’t wear diamonds today for special occasions anymore.

Q. Do you think jewellery on the whole should follow the current trends or should jewellery be classic and transcend trends and fashion fads?
A. I totally think that for IT bags, after one season you can’t carry them anymore unless you don’t mind the “fashion faux pas”. But in jewellery, I am trying to target a younger crowd and have them wear my pieces anytime and any day of the week. So we go for more trendy looks which is very influenced by fashion and trends, but hoping my designs will last more than a season! Hahahahaha!

Q. In one of her last interviews before she passed, Elizabeth Taylor said of her jewellery collection, “I am very lucky to be the temporary custodian for these jewels.” What do you make of that statement?
A. Indeed she was very lucky to be able to wear and acquire such beautiful stones. Her short existence is so little compared the millions of years these diamonds have  been on earth, but I think they will never shine as much on another person as they have shined on her Some stones are gorgeous but the person who wears them transforms the jewellery. We don’t really know anymore who becomes the icon, the person of the stones? Look at Audrey Hepburn and Tiffany’s.

Q. What is your definition of luxury?
A. Apart from having time, the definition of luxury, in my opinion, is to be able to buy your own.

Q. What is your favourite colour and your favourite gemstone?
A. Diamonds

Q. What jewellery do you wear on a daily basis?
A. RINGSSSS and phalanx rings! I m obsessed with them

Q. How would you describe your style in one sentence
A. Audrey Savransky AS29

AS 29 by Audrey Savransky

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