Organic Harmony Sound Sculpture Speaker – Gold, Silver and Bronze

The Organic Harmony Sound Sculpture Speaker System - making Luxury Audio even more Luxurious.The Organic Harmony Sound Sculpture Speaker System – making Luxury Audio even more Luxurious.

Shape Audio began was formed 2007 by two friends and subsequently business partners Luciano Pasquariello and Bernt Böhmer. These two friends got together with a goal of  establishing a leading audio company that would reinvent the conservative audio industry. Luciano and Bernt were passionate about high quality sound as well as aesthetics so they set out on a quest to provide the market with not just exquisite design but also an unparalleled listening experience. Both men gave equal input into the construction of the organic harmony sound Sculptures, Luciano being the passionate designer with his critical eye for design, craftsmanship and natural beautyand German born Bernt was the engineer. Bernt used his vast experience to master the extreme challenges needed for the creation of superior sound reproduction synonymous with the Sound Sculptures.

Five years later and their journey has culminated in the creation of the organic harmony sound Sculpture Speaker System, a system so beautiful that it’s only overshadowed by the quality of materials used to encase them. It is in Southern Sweden that the design and manufacturing of the Harmony Sound Sculpture Speakers takes place. All of the materials and components, including the precious metals are sourced locally with a special emphasis on the technology and exterior design of the organic harmony sound Sculpture Speaker Systems, resulting in a complete and perfect units.

About the Organic Harmony Sound Sculpture Speaker Systems

Organic Harmony Sound Sculpture Speaker SystemsThe goal was to design and manaufacture a sound sculpture cast in precious metal that combined handmade luxury with premium technology. A worlds first in the Audio Market Shape, something that would go way beyond anything the audio world has ever seen. Each of the beautifully finished Organic Harmony Sound Sculptures is cast by hand in exquisite metals such as bronze, silver and gold. The Organic Harmony Sound Sculptures unique composition enabled perfect sound from a single unit. The reason for casting the speakers in gold, silver and bronze was due to the excellent sound reproduction and qualities that these material offered. The Organic Harmony Sound Sculpture is a premium speaker and sound system, as well as a masterpiece of art. Shape Audio took great pride in uncoupling itself from the traditional perception of audio products or manufacturers. By focusing equally on exterior design and interior technology alike, the company’s goal was to  astonish discerning listeners around the world with a new level of audio supremacy. The Organic Harmony Sound Sculptures are a complete music system with built-in amplifiers, USB and Ethernet connection, as well as room correction and much more. All you need to connect is one or more of your audio sources, be it iPhone, PC , CD -player or other. The Organic Harmony Sound Sculpture has an unlimited lifetime warranty. The is because the majority of the electronics are placed in a small, ‘invisible’ glass box that can be hidden away. If anything should happen or if a new upgrade becomes available, Organic Harmony will simply replace the box with a new one.

Each of the Organic Sound Sculpture Speaker Systems is a limited edition, Ninty Nine will be available in bronze, five in sterling silver and just on in 18k Gold. The Sound Sculptures are individually numbered and finely polished to a mirror-like finish.

Each of the Organic Sound Sculpture Speaker Systems is a limited editionEvery purchaser of an Organic Harmony sound sculpture, will embark on a personalized journey. Since every sound sculpture is unique, it is the ambition of Shape Audio to provide a curated purchasing experience. Step one of the  journey will be a personal meeting with a Shape Audio representative. This takes place at a convenient location, in agreement between Shape Audio and the buyer. This complimentary service offers the discerning client an exclusive preview of the Organic Harmony collection. The expert associates will help guide clients in their choice of the three finishes available, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The uniquely numbered Organic Harmony Sound Sculpture will be delivered to the client in approximately six months after the finalized order. Upon delivery, Shape Audio engineers arrive on location to unpack and install the Organic Harmony music sculpture. Thanks to a patented room correction feature and further fine-tuning by their experts, the Organic Harmony Sound Sculpture will be perfectly calibrated to the clients’ listening location.

Organic Harmony Sound Sculpture Technical Specifications

Dimensions 1350×270 mm (53×10.6 in)

Amplifier: 1000W

Type: Omnidirectional stereo loudspeaker

Analog I/O: RC A & 3.5mm

Digital I/O: S/P DIF & TosLink

Others: USB & Ethernet [RJ -45]

Microphone: XLR [analog]

Power 230 VAC, 50Hz/120 VAC, 60Hz

Sound Sculpture in Bronze: €63.000 (99 units will be manufactured, Weight: 95 Kg)

Sound Sculpture in silver: €300.000 (5 units will be manufactured, Weight:115 Kg)

Sound Sculpture in Gold*: €5.000.000 (1 unit will be manufactured, Weight:215 Kg)

Plus VAT and local taxes, where applicable
* Price subject to changes depending on current commodity trade value

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