An Insight Into Orsi Orban and Duffy London’s SPIRITS Conceptual Sculptures

An Insight into Orsi Orban and Duffy London's SPIRITS Conceptual Sculptures

SPIRITS is a series of conceptual sculptures brought to life by surface designer Orsi Orban in collaboration with design studio Duffy London. In this feature, we look at the inspiration and the processes behind these spectacular works of art.

Inspired by organic structures found in nature, such as bone formations and corals, each sculpture is full of personality and charm. Starting as a ball of digital clay, these unique designs were virtually manipulated, akin to the creation of early evolutionary biology.

Though distinct in their individuality, the sculptures exhibit a harmonious unity, suggesting a shared origin.

Three of the pieces from the collection

Each work in the SPIRITS is posed to express a strong sense of movement as if they could come alive. Throughout the development process the pattern direction was fundamental in this movement being translated into the final pieces, with the pattern working with the flow of the form.

The combination of mathematical surface creation with the latest 3D design tools has resulted in three captivating sculptures that are a demonstration of the evolution of art in the digital age.

Orsi assembling one of the pieces by hand

Each of the designs was deconstructed into precision-cut sections of laminated cherry wood. Orsi Orban assembled each intricate section by hand, bringing the digital designs to life.

The interconnected structure of the wood results in a visually stunning interplay of light and texture across the surface.

Orsi in the studio discussing aspects of the design

“We are really excited by how the finished pieces have turned out. They truly come alive when you see them in person. The wooden texture acts like scales or the fur of a living creature,” said Orsi Orban.

SPIRITS is a showcase of the convergence of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge digital design. The result is a collection of sculptures that captivate the eye and demonstrate the collaboration between artistry and technology.

“Our design process integrated perfectly with Orsi’s surface techniques. It allowed us both to explore new directions in our work. We hope to push ideas that we worked with Orsi even further, and hopefully, this will be the start of future collaborations,” added Joe Wonham of Duffy London.

The artist next to one of her piecesAn Insight Into Orsi Orban and Duffy London's SPIRITS Conceptual Sculptures 2

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