Peninsula Hotels launch ‘Snacks And the City’ a selection of Gourmet Treats from around the World.

Peninsula Hotels launch 'Snacks And the City' a selection of Gourmet Treats from around the World.

Have you ever been tempted by hot dogs and pretzels on a New York street corner or dim sum on the bustling streets of Hong Kong? Perhaps the thought of buying “street food” held you back? The Peninsula Hotels puts a new spin on some old street food favorites with the addition of “Snacks & The City.” Now Peninsula guests can savour similar local street foods creatively interpreted by The Peninsula Hotels’ chefs and available on each hotel’s 24-hour à la carte in-room menu.

The Peninsula Hotels’ “Snacks & The City” menu offers tempting bites of local, foreign flavour that one finds while exploring the city. The menus make it easy to try favourite local snack foods prepared in pristine conditions by the hotels’ chefs and served in the comfort of a guest’s hotel room.
“In the network of streets in these major cities, street vendors selling local urban eats is a common theme,” commented Peter C. Borer, Chief Operating Officer, The Peninsula Hotels. “The hawker stalls and food pushcarts are characteristic figures all over Asia and America, offering home-made, traditional specialities. Our chefs have taken those traditions and added a Peninsula touch, while keeping in line the traditional flavours and foods that each city is known for.”

“Snacks & The City” Menu at The Peninsula Hong Kong:
Hong Kong residents live to eat – and most conversations involve food. A browse through the town during mealtime shows dai pai dong, or street stalls, packed with people waiting to savour local dishes. The Peninsula Hong Kong’s Executive Chef Florian Trento and his team have prepared a range of popular items, such as:

  • Chinese breakfast, which includes congee with chicken, beef or cod, a dim sum basket and Chinese or green tea
  • Chicken broth with wontons and Chinese mushrooms
  • Crispy Cantonese spring rolls
  • Assorted dim sum (six pieces)

A Chinese à la carte menu is also available during the hotel’s Spring Moon Chinese restaurant’s operating hours. Snack food includes:

  • Deep-fried crab claws
  • Dim sum, including shrimp dumplings, siu mai, spring rolls or steamed barbecued pork buns
  • Selection of fried rice and fried noodles

“Snacks & The City” Menu at The Peninsula Shanghai
Wu Jiang Road, once world-famous for a wide array of authentic snacks, was a must-see place for visitors both local and overseas. Wu Jiang “Snack Street” has now become part of the city’s history but The Peninsula Shanghai brings it to lif, and guests can sample the most authentic flavours with home-made tea eggs, Shanghai dumplings and Yangzhou-style fried rice with fresh shrimps in the comfort of their room, all prepared by Executive Chef Terrence Crandall and his team.

  • Home-made spring roll
  • Braised tea egg
  • Xiao Long Bao – Steamed dumplings, Shanghai style
  • Pork and shrimp dumplings
  • Yangzhou-style fried rice with fresh shrimps

“Snacks & The City” Menu at The Peninsula Tokyo
Fresh fish from Tsukji’s fish market, Japanese beef on steaming white rice and healthy buckwheat noodles can be enjoyed from in-room dining tables with views of the Imperial Palace Gardens, Hibiya Park or Tokyo’s skyline. The ideal way to sample the best of Japanese comfort foods. “Snacks & The City” created by Japanese Chef de Cuisine, Teruyuki Kojima include:

  • Marinated fresh tuna on steamed rice served with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger
  • Japanese beef on steamed rice with avocado and sesame
  • Teriyaki chicken on steamed rice, with onsen-poached egg
  • Broiled unagi (eel) on steamed rice with teriyaki sauce
  • Cold soba noodles
  • Hot soba or udon noodles with garden vegetables

“Snacks & The City” Menu at The Peninsula Beijing:
Food is an obsession in Beijing, where the culinary arts are highly valued and varied. Street vendors are also popular in Beijing, with vendors roasting duck rolls and other local delicacies. The Peninsula Beijing’s Executive Chef Xu Chi Ping offers the following creations:

  • Clay pot baked rice with Chinese sausage and cured meat
  • Wonton noodle soup
  • Peking duck, served as two courses
  • Traditional Chinese herb and ginseng jelly with honey
  • Pan-fried glutinous rice cake filled with red bean paste and osmanthus

“Snacks & The City” Menu at The Peninsula New York:
The Peninsula New York offers timeless food and deli cart menus that New Yorkers love. From taxi drivers to socialites, everyone is tempted by a hot dog in Central Park or an on the go bagel with cream cheese. When tempted at The Peninsula New York, Executive Chef Cornel Ruhland serves up his version of the following New York traditional food cart items:

  • 55th Street cart hot dog with relish
  • Bagel with cream cheese and salmon
  • Jumbo NYC fresh baked pretzel with spicy mustard
  • New York cheesecake

“Snacks & The City” Menu at The Peninsula Chicago:
From the famous Wrigley Field hot dog to the “cheeseborger, cheeseborger” made famous by John Belushi on “Saturday Night Live,” Chicago natives love their hearty comfort food. The Peninsula Chicago’s snacks in the city created by Executive Chef Kai Lermen include:

  • Mini Kobe burgers, with aged cheddar, tomato, lettuce, side of truffle aioli and fries
  • “Chicago Style” mini steak hot dogs, with traditional condiments and fries
  • Three Peninsula pulled pork sandwiches with secret BBQ sauce, cole slaw and fries

“Snacks & The City” Menu at The Peninsula Beverly Hills:
In the entertainment capital of the world, The Peninsula Beverly Hills creates its own take on street food with unique nibbles for the fashionably hip. Guests will find themselves enjoying these menu items from Executive Chef James Overbaugh in the comfort of their room while enjoying a movie or while preparing for a walk down the red carpet. Hollywood’s streets inspire the following menu items:

  • Truffle popcorn
  • Filet mignon hoagies
  • Truffle mac & cheese
  • California cobb salad
  • Peninsula chili

Snacks & The City Menu at The Peninsula Bangkok:
Thai cuisine is both delicate and explosive. Its rod ken or food carts serve a variety of street fare and are packed with locals, who direct just how much chili and lime juice they may want in their dish. It is a classic experience enjoyed by both locals and visitors alike. At The Peninsula Bangkok, guests have the chance to savour the following dishes from Chamnan Thepchana, Thiptara Chef de Cuisine:

  • Thod Mun Pla Grai – Fried fish cakes with spicy, sweet and sour sauce with cucumber
  • Thung Thong – Crispy rice paper filling with shiitake mushrooms, potato, sweet corn and carrots served with sweet and sour sauc
  • Yum Nua Yang – Spicy grilled Australian wagyu rump salad with cherry tomatoes
  • Miang Kham – Dried shrimp, roasted coconut, roasted peanut, shallot, ginger, and lemon wrapped with betel leaf and served with palm sauce
  • Satay Gai or Satay Moo – Thai spice-marinated chicken or pork satay with peanut sauce
  • Som Tum – Papaya salad with dried shrimps, nuts and cherry tomatoes

Snacks & The City Menu at The Peninsula Manila:
Turo-turo is a slang expression for eateries or food stalls found in public markets or street corners in Manila, where customers point to the dish they want to order. Trying turo-turo is a quick and easy way to taste your way through a wonderful variety of dishes. For a quick treat at The Peninsula Manila, Executive Chef Patrick Boucher suggests the following snacks:

  • Halo-Halo – The ultimate Philippine dessert of native fruits, sweets, pulses, shaved ice, milk and ice cream
  • Chicken Arroz Caldo – Chicken and rice soup infused with ginger
  • Chicken and Pork Adobo – Braised chicken and pork in soya, vinegar, black pepper and bay leaf sauce
  • Pansit Luglog – Soft noodles slathered in a sauce made from shrimp stock and topped with shrimps and crumbled chicharon. Perfect with halo-halo!
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