Bistro 1874 – Peugeot Relaunches the World’s First Table Top Pepper Mill

1874 - Peugeot Relaunches the World's First Table Top Pepper Mill

When you think of Peugeot, the image of a car is likely to come to mind. However, before the brand became synonymous with automotive excellence, the Peugeot family’s legacy was deeply rooted in the fields of grinding mills. The year 2024 marks a significant milestone for the company, and in this feature, we delve into the fascinating journey that led Peugeot from its humble beginnings to its current global recognition and the revival of the pepper mill that started it all in 1874.

Master of the Mill Peugeot is celebrating 150 years since it invented the tabletop pepper mill, which is still seen on tables to this day. Yes, you read correctly. Peugeot (the car manufacturer!) actually invented the pepper mill long before it turned its manufacturing prowess to cars. Nowadays, Peugeot’s factory in the Doubs region in France produces 2 million mills per year, which are sold around the world.

An early pepper grinder

The story of Peugeot’s mills began in 1874 with the Z model, the signature curves of which are now synonymous with salt and pepper mills around the globe. For a century, the Z model was used everywhere, from the greatest chefs to local restaurants and in kitchens at home.

A timeline showing what the company has manufactured over the past 150 years

To mark the company’s 150th anniversary, the Z model is back with this limited edition version embodying the very essence of the brand’s expertise in working with wood and steel.

Chris Gee, Managing Director of Peugeot Saveurs UK, said, “Peugeot is famous around the world for its engineering and innovation, but not so many people know that it all began with the invention of the humble tabletop pepper mill.

“Over time, the original Z model evolved into the Bistro, which is still on shelves today. Peugeot mills offer a lifetime guarantee for the steel grinding mechanisms, with the focus really being on grinding the spice to the highest of standards. Peugeot makes mills that endure and are passed down from generation to generation; we envisage the new Bistro 1874 being an heirloom in the kitchen!”

Not only is Peugeot launching the fantastic Bistro 1874 (£54.99 per mill – see website for more details) in commemoration of the world’s first-ever tabletop pepper mill, but it is celebrating 150 years of innovation, design and craftsmanship.

Peugeot now produces not only salt and pepper mills but mills designed to tackle any spice, ceramics that are perfect for at-home baking and cooking, and wine & barware to really showcase its French roots.

Please head to to see the full Peugeot UK lines.

Bistro 1874 - Peugeot Relaunches the World's First Table Top Pepper Mill 2

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