Phone Unique from Bellperre – The complete luxury phone customisation service

Phone Unique from Bellperre - The complete luxury phone customisation service

The Bellperre ‘Phone Unique’ service allows you create a truly personal luxury phone that is then handcrafted in the company’s Amsterdam workshop and shipped worldwide.

There is a huge range of luxury customisation options with Phone Unique, ensuring that you can create pretty much the exact phone you’ve always wanted. Whether you select Black Steel with Black Shark for a modest style, or Pink Alligator and Rosé Gold for a more striking ambience, the company can make it happen.

Can’t get to Amsterdam? Not a problem as you can pop on to the company web site at and use their online phone configurator to display a virtual representation of your ideal luxury phone. Each of the Bellperre phones is handcrafted and as we mentioned previously are delivered free of charge within three weeks to any address worldwide. Another feature of these customisable luxury phones that we particularly like is the option to choose from more that 80 languages, they even have Arabic and Cyrillic keypads available by special order. Each phone is supported by the same reliable International Warranty service.

In the near future Bellperre will be unveiling an exquisite new Android based luxury phone, supported with an even further extended level of customization services. Although touch phones surpassed sales of the feature phones worldwide, the solid demand for the classic handset shows there stays a stable share that will still prefer a feature phone, next to or even without a touch phone additionally. And therefore the current classic Bellperre handset will hold its position next to the touch phone. Its users appreciate the absence of notifications, feeds, and inboxes to consume and all the behaviours that come with it. Their focus is more on battery life and call quality and its physical keyboard making it easy-to-use, the small physical size, and/or cutting down on radiation. For them phones continue to be used for placing calls mainly.

The Bellperre 'Phone Unique' service allows you create a truly personal luxury phone that is then handcrafted in the company's Amsterdam workshop and shipped worldwide.

“Consumers want to create their own customized Bellperre luxury phone and be able to share with friends. Now Bellperre makes this happen as first ‘made to order’ phone manufacturer in the world.” said Edward Ferdinand Stegman, founder and designer of the Bellperre handsets. “The new Bellperre Phone Unique intuitive design functions allow people to create the product based on their own personal taste.”

Bellperre phones use the finest materials such as: 316L Stainless Steel, Unscratchable Sapphire Crystal, Genuine Exotic Leather, 18K Gold, finest woods and diamonds. Exotic leather of the highest grade is sourced from the finest European tanneries and includes: Genuine Crocodile, Genuine Lizard, Genuine Shark, Genuine Buffalo, Genuine Ostrich and Genuine Python. Research, design and engineering is done by a unique mixture of seasoned artists from the mobile phone and traditional luxury goods industry.

We love finding bespoke luxury services and it’s wonderful to find one based from Holland. The company was founded in 2005, with the specifi aim of designing mobile phones that reflect a timeless European design and fashionable way of life. In a market dominated by mass production houses, Bellperre has separated itself by offering high-end products with an unlimited customization program supported by its extensive experience in luxury phones engineering. And for those companies wanting to create their own range of high-end luxury phones, Bellperre also operates as a design and engineering studio for third parties.


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