The Responsible Robotics Advocacy Report’s Strategic Roadmap for the EU

The Responsible Robotics Advocacy Report's Strategic Roadmap for the EU

Created by the Robotics4EU project, the Responsible Robotics Advocacy Report offers a strategic roadmap for shaping responsible robotics policies by blending citizen input, expert perspectives, and industry needs, providing actionable steps for stakeholders.

The European Union (EU) is seeking to support, develop, and benefit from advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by improving the lives of its citizens, businesses, and scientific communities, including the broader use of responsible robots.

However, for robots to be widely accepted in society, it’s crucial to establish and implement responsible robotics principles.

The Robotics4EU project was created to ensure a responsible framework for designing robots that reflect society’s values and meet its expectations. This approach is key to creating safer, more thoughtful, durable, affordable, and practical robotics solutions, known as responsible robots, which can help overcome societal barriers and promote widespread adoption.

This is where the Responsible Robotics Advocacy Report comes in. The report is compiled with extensive research, consultations, and the collective wisdom of the robotics community. It outlines a comprehensive strategy for promoting responsible robotics development in the European Union.

Some of the report’s recommendations include:

  • Advancing a Coherent Responsible Robotics Regulatory Framework: A proposal for an EU expert group to unify robotics regulations, focusing on ethics, safety, and adaptability.
  • Empowering the Robotics Community: Highlighting access to resources and guidance for navigating ethical standards, especially for Small and medium Enterprises (SMEs), to promote responsible development.
  • Fostering Multi-Stakeholder Engagement: Advocating to engage the public and stakeholders in meaningful conversations about robotics, addressing concerns, and incorporating diverse viewpoints.
  • Equipping the Workforce for the Future: Emphasising the need for education and dialogue to navigate the workforce transition into a robotics-enhanced future, with a focus on ethics in technology.

Jovita Tautkevičiūtė (CIVITTA), the report’s author and a member of the Robotics4EU consortium, said, “The EU’s commitment to responsible technology development is exemplary, but it must translate into actionable strategies. This entails methods, tools, incentives, and collaboration between diverse communities, such as social, humanitarian, and robotics. The Responsible Robotics Advocacy Report provides concrete recommendations for policymakers, industry, and academia to promote responsible robotics practices.”

By implementing these recommendations, the Robotics4EU project envisions a future where robotics flourishes within a responsible and ethical framework.

Robotics4EU is a three-year project composed of seven organisations from six EU countries representing expertise in robotics. You can learn more about the Responsible Robotics Advocacy Report at

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