Step Inside the RichandRare Jewellery Wonderland this Summer

Elsa Zhao at the RichandRare Jewellery flagship in Central

The flagship boutique of RichandRare Jewellery at 12 Wyndham Street in Central (opened on 9 June 2022) brings jewellery lovers on a new experiential journey to the beautiful world of its unique handcrafted jewels designed by Hong Kong-based Founder & Chief Designer Elsa Zhao affectionately known as biubiu.

The homegrown brand takes its pioneering and phenomenal floral art installations introduced at its previous location on Lyndhurst Terrace to the next level with a fantastical theme inspired by the famous fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”.

The intricate floral rabbit hole inspired by Alice in Wonderland greeting visitors at the entrance

The focal point is a large green wall with round, twisted willows and pink and red florals at the entrance on the ground floor inspired by the rabbit hole, inviting visitors to explore RichandRare’s enchanting Wonderland.

The spectacular floral arrangements throughout the new boutique

Festooned with roses and a myriad of flowers, plants and mushrooms that Alice met in Wonderland all over the walls, ceilings, staircase and mezzanine floor, the space feels like a dreamy realm where visitors tumble down a rabbit hole, enter an enchanted forest and indulge in fanciful pursuits.

Inside the mesmerising boutique, which boasts 2,300 square feet of space over two floors, they can appreciate the exquisite jewellery specially designed for the summer from the RichandRare Collections.

The Rare Collection

Elsa examining one of the rings from the Rare Collection

As its name implies, the Rare Collection features handcrafted luxurious high jewellery in elegant classic styles that exemplifies artistry, fabulous metal works and gemstones of the highest quality. These magnificent masterpieces of wearable art are further divided into two collections – the Collector’s collection showcasing the exceptional beauty of meticulously-selected rare and colourful gemstones. At the same time, the Artisan Collection spotlights the exquisite artistic craftsmanship of the artisans’ drawing, carving, hollowing and hammering techniques.

The Artisan Collection

Opal on Canvas
Drawing inspiration from framed Impressionist paintings, the Opal On Canvas pendant necklace features an iridescent Australian opal with an 18-karat yellow gold frame. The opal’s pearlescence is reminiscent of the Impressionist palette, while the frame has been painstakingly carved out of wax to fit each opal’s unique characteristics and shape.

Two gold pieces from the Artisan Collection in the form of Ginkgo leaf's

Ginkgo Leaf
Embossed with a brushed finish, the 18-karat gold fan-shaped Ginkgo Leaf brooch with pave diamond stalk shine with a satiny sheen. Scattering light from various angles throws the piece into striking relief, bringing the delicately-textured ginkgo leaf, a symbol of hope and longevity, to life with a refined lustre.

The universal symbol of courage, strength, royalty and majesty, the King of beasts comes to glorious life in the hands of the RichandRare artisans. Under the sun, the stately golden lion leaps into animation, haloed by a fine, textured shimmer. The brushed gold finish aptly restores the lion’s hairs and whiskers, giving the brooch and ring a unique tactile feel.

Collector’s Collection

A Midsummer’s Night Dream
This pair of delicate lily pad-shaped earrings exudes the vibrancy of summer. Two extremely rare natural green princess cut diamonds of 1.71 and 1.62 carats sparkle like crystalline dewdrops on the luminous lily pads paved with diamonds of varying sizes. Evoking a cool midsummer night’s dream, a gentle breeze ripples the water’s surface, curling the swaying lily pads at the edges, allowing a glimpse of the tsavorite garnet studded underside.

The Rich Collection
Reflecting elevated simplicity, the Rich Collections of everyday jewels showcase diverse design styles that complement daily wear. Original and timeless, these handcrafted pieces add character and pizzazz to your wardrobe.

The diamond studded Magic Puzzle bracelet

Magic Puzzle
The fascinating Magic Puzzle collection features interlocking jigsaw puzzle pieces coming together as a metaphor for life and how to live it to the fullest with loved ones. Every Magic Puzzle piece of the ring, earrings, bracelet, or necklace fits perfectly onto one another, making them ideal for commemorating precious and magical encounters.

Discover fantasy, dreams, love, and freedom in the Festival collection: joy and whimsy are distilled into exquisitely youthful pendants with moving parts like a jewelled carriage, globe or Ferris wheel.

One of the pieces from the Ancient Medallion collection

Ancient Medallion
The distinctive Ancient Medallion collection pays homage to the civilisations of yore. Gold, silver and bronze coins of ancient Greece and Rome are bejewelled with diamonds, coloured gemstones, and mother-of-pearl and fashioned into brooches, earrings, necklaces and bangles in a perfect collision of timeless aesthetic ideals and modern craftsmanship. Wear them as symbols of luck and a tribute to an ancient culture.

The original Attitude collection celebrates the blissful moments of life by featuring popular emotions such as the smiley face masterfully handcrafted in 18 karat gold that shows the three-dimensional facial expressions complete with fine, sinewy textures. Wear these pieces to immortalise fleeting moments of joy and express your feelings and attitude.

A gold necklace with diamond letters

A union of the RichandRare logo and calligraphic design, each piece of the Alphabet collection can be customised to show the names and initials of loved ones or terms of endearment. Choose these diamond-adorned letters emblazoned on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings to commemorate your most treasured stories.

Distinctive, eminently wearable and affordable, with prices ranging from under HK$10,000 for everyday jewellery to over several millions for high jewellery, RichandRare has something for every jewellery lover. The other Rich & Rare boutiques are located in Shanghai and Shenzhen and are decked out in equally iconic floral décor that has been setting social media circles abuzz.

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