Rotpunkt Introduces New Velvet Green Soft-coat Lacquer Finish

Rotpunkt Introduces New Velvet Green Soft-coat Lacquer Finish

The German kitchen furniture manufacturer and designer Rotpunkt is helping to preserve the timeless qualities of the Shaker kitchen with the launch of Velvet Green, a brand-new soft-coat lacquer.

Offering homeowners enhanced durability, the new Velvet Green by Rotpunkt promises a colour-rich finish, which is anti-fingerprint and easy to clean. A must-have in the modern home and kitchen, the new soft-coated furniture colours make this method of protection the best option for the planet when compared to liquid coatings as it produces less waste by-product and a significantly smoother surface.

Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations at Rotpunkt, says, “Conscious design is key to the modern kitchen this year, and our new Velvet Green soft-coat option perfectly caters to this trend with its contemporary styling and lasting finish. Providing a modern alternative to the traditional Shaker door, Smala adds visual depth to linear furniture and prevents daily wear and tear, while our new Velvet Green answers the latest style trends where dark and light shades of green are a top accent colour for many.”

The new Velvet Green kitchen concept pictured at the beginning of this piece features the following innovations:

Soft-coat lacquer surfaces: The new SC doors feature a durable soft-coated surface, which presents a smooth matt finish that can also translate across your kitchen doors, walls, and side panels: perfect in an integrated room scheme where the kitchen is open to the living area. Durable by design, the soft-coated furniture is anti-fingerprint, highly resistant to chemicals and scratches, and easy to clean, so you can keep it looking good with very little effort.

On-trend: Regarded as the new neutral, all shades of green continue to top the interior design charts and given its growing association with health and wellbeing, it has now become the go-to for introducing nature in the home. The new Velvet Green colourway is a medium-dark shade of green and is 1 of 24 soft-coat colours, which are available in either matt or gloss.

Ergonomic storage: Contemporary kitchens rely on creative storage solutions, and as open-plan living arrangements continue to grow, cabinets are no longer adopting the usual top and bottom format and, instead, are taking to the walls and island unit for added flexibility.

The featured island unit shows how choosing an opposing material like wood can be used to emphasise practical areas in the kitchen, as well as create a welcome contrast to a block colour scheme. The Pastel Smoke wood effect creates accent details on the island units’ open cubbyholes, and the stylish box unit in the wash zone is used as a practical herb garden and extra storage for cooking oils and chopping boards.

Climate-friendly manufacture: All Rotpunkt furniture is designed and created under the company’s award-winning Together to Zero climate strategy to reduce carbon emissions at every stage of manufacture.

For example, the Pastel Smoke wood elements carry the mark of responsible forestry being FSC® Certified. The gold standard of eco-friendly kitchen design, all design elements in Pastel Smoke offer a greener alternative for the UK homeowner, with the new Soft-coat Velvet Green answering the call for longer-lasting products that optimise material value to prevent waste.

Matt adds, “We pride ourselves on responding to the needs of the market in real-time, with the ability to reinvent traditional design elements that serve the modern home and lifestyle. Our new Velvet Green finish not only pays homage to a classic furniture style but also reflects the reality of hybrid living where the kitchen is facing new levels of demand.”

Prices for a new Velvet Green kitchen, like the featured Smala concept, start from £12,500+vat. For further information on Rotpunkt UK, visit

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Rotpunkt Introduces New Velvet Green Soft-coat Lacquer Finish 2

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