The Rug Seller’s Daniel Prendergast Shares His 2024 Interior Design Predictions

The Rug Seller's Daniel Prendergast Shares His 2024 Interior Design Predictions

In the ever-evolving world of interior design trends, rugs can serve as the foundation for transforming a space, whether that’s adding luxe comfort, an on-trend design shape aesthetic or going all out for a bold new scheme that embraces or establishes a 2024 décor trend!

As we step into 2024, what do the experts think will be the must-buy designs (or are the styles that will be #trending on our Instagram and TikTok feeds)? What will breathe new life into your home in the years ahead and create an atmosphere that feels current and visually appealing?

Below, Daniel Prendergast from shares his predictions for 2024.

A new wave of rug trends is emerging, reshaping the way we perceive and integrate these essential elements into our living spaces. From bold patterns to sustainable materials, the upcoming year heralds a tapestry of trends that promise to redefine the aesthetics and functionality of rugs in interior design.

Trends themselves are taking on a new ‘era of style’. Whilst TikTok will have you believe that you need to do ‘Barbiecore’ or ‘Grandmillennial’ in 2024, we are predicting a more gradual evolution of core themes that, like with the key looks in 2023, are entwined with a bigger cultural movement or feeling.

This shift stems from our desire to connect our homes with nature, seeking comfort and a sense of emotional well-being.

The trend of multi-generational living and adaptable spaces for work and leisure also continues to heavily influence our home design preferences. These subtle influences are guiding our approach to crafting interior spaces.

And these are my top trends poised to dominate the rug landscape in 2024.

Shapely Silhouettes – rugs that have a unique shape or pattern or have a decorative edge.

We’ve seen an explosion of curves within interiors recently, and this aesthetic is going further in 2024. More striking shapes and silhouettes will be everywhere in 2024, and what better place than in rug design?

The circular shaped Louis De Poortere Lagoon

Of course, we love a standard ‘rectangular shape’ for a rug that sits neatly under a dining table or aligns with the lines of a sofa, but this year is more about unexpected ‘shape’. Soft, fluid, organic shapes will not only dominate furniture design – from sexy storage, plush plump sofas and seating to abstract-shaped accessories – it will flow into our choice of rugs too.

An irregular shaped rug, which looks as if it is made of multiple stacked layers

This trend is for those who take the edge off life and enjoy the soft, fluid curves of the human body and those found in nature. Curved pieces bring softness into a space; these silhouettes are pleasing to the eye and help a design scheme flow. They’re just a bit ‘different’ too.

There are so many ways to embrace this trend in floor coverings, but we’re already seeing more demand for accessories with scalloped edges and floor décor that is anything but ‘square’.

Rugs That Don’t Cost The Earth – demand for sustainable home interiors that are affordable and durable with design appeal continues to grow

Materials like sisal, jute, seagrass and bamboo, which are plant-derived and sustainably sourced, will continue to trend in 2024. Sustainable materials have been a huge focal point of interior design shows in recent years, and this focus on eco-consumerism is making its way from conceptual pieces into our homes.

Two rugs made using sustainable materials

As we see more designers innovating in this space, too, there are many more design options that will make up this category in the coming months. As such, eco-friendly rugs have been given a design boost – with lots more shapes and new colour options being introduced, giving this trend a resurgence for 2024.

Naturally-derived fibres are also hardwearing and ideal for high footfall traffic areas in a home, and it’s relatively cost-expensive to cover a large area, so these textures are appealing to cost-conscious consumers who want sustainably sourced products as well as materials that will last.

Show Me Your Metal – silver trending in fashion, and in 2024, it will translate into interiors, too

While silver trousers are definitely having an A/W ’23 fashion moment, we’re going to be all about ‘showing us your metal’ in our homes in 2024.

And why not? From glossy to matte, metallics fit with every interior style.

A photo showing how metallic colours and transform the look and feel of a kitchen

Aluminium is one of the metals coming through interior styling next year – from finishes and finer details to full pieces of furniture. It was a trend spotted at Milan Design Week, and with apparel fashions currently powering the silver palette forward, there will be no stopping it.

When it comes to home accessories, introducing a rug with metallic and silver accents is a great way to add a bit more warmth and texture to this trend.

If you prefer your metallics a bit warmer, then gold is still a key trend for 2024, too. Hints of gold give a luxe lift to smaller pieces or dare to be bold with a statement wallpaper with flecks of metallic.

Cosification for outdoorification – The outdoor living boom will drive up demand for outdoor interiors all year round

There has been a trend toward smaller living spaces in the UK in recent years and, despite our ‘typical cold and wet UK climes’, extending outside and creating year-round outdoor living spaces is still in growth after the 2020 boom”.

An outdoor space with a rectangular carpet

Trend forecaster WGSN has also identified an outdoor living boom and year-round outdoor living rooms are being dubbed as a huge growing trend. Not only do outdoor spaces provide a greater connection with nature, but they also offer additional space for growing families, multi-generational living, and separate-out workspaces.

Making these spaces as cosy and comfortable as possible is a key driving force behind the trending textiles that are in demand, as keywords like outdoor zoning and outdoor fabrics trend for online searches.

Design approaches are very much the same as styling an indoor space – with zoning, lighting, heating and accessorising key priorities.

The Brighton Aztec Flat Weave next to open patio doors

Consumers are seeking out products that will create the perfect outdoor living ambience, cosiness and comfort – but at the same time with added weather protection and durability – especially to weather the winter months.

Look to the latest innovations in outdoor flooring to help blend spaces and provide continuity throughout the home. Outdoor rugs, cushions and throws are flexible pieces that can be moved around to zone a space, stored away, and create a home-from-home ambience.

Expect to see these readily available all year round as outdoor living becomes a year-round affair.

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