Interview with Sean Murphy of Ultimate Performance

Leanne Kelsall explores the methods and philosophy at Ultimate Performance with Sean Murphy, Global Head of Education and Trainer Development.

Leanne Kelsall explores the methods and philosophy at Ultimate Performance with Sean Murphy, Global Head of Education and Trainer Development.

LK: So what exactly is a body transformation at U.P.?
SM: A body transformation at Ultimate Performance is about radically changing our clients’ body composition in the most efficient and effective way possible.

It’s not simply about ‘weight loss’; anyone can lose weight.

It’s important to realise that losing weight won’t enhance a person’s body composition; a body transformation at U.P. is about eliciting maximum changes in body composition, building a lean, muscular and athletic body aesthetic.

Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy

The body transformation process at U.P. is about using intelligent training programme design, structured nutrition, and lifestyle optimisation to get our clients in the best shape of their lives and produce the unparalleled results we are renowned for in the fitness industry.

LK: Why do you think they’re becoming more popular?
SM: I think the growing popularity of U.P. body transformations comes down to the incredible ‘before and after’ results we produce year in year out with thousands of clients.

It really hits home with people what is truly possible when they see the dramatic difference our clients can make with their body, their health and their lives in a matter of weeks.

Increasingly, people don’t want to waste years of their lives and thousands of pounds of their hard-earned money in commercial gyms with sub-standard trainers and not get the results they want, when they can see what can be achieved at Ultimate Performance.

People want fast and lasting results, and recognise U.P.’s track record as world leaders in the field of body composition for delivering these kinds of results.

When people can see these results can be achieved in a matter of weeks rather than years, there’s a clear and immediate return on investment which makes it an incredibly appealing proposition.

LK: How quickly can people expect results with you?
SM: Every client is different. Every client has a different starting point, different genetics, different goals and different commitment levels, so there will always be a degree of difference in the speed at which the final result can be achieved.

But if you are training hard, eating consistently, and dedicating yourself to the transformation process, you will start to see significant changes in a matter of weeks.

The framework is set up for every client to succeed with us – but it is only 100% effort and compliance that will guarantee results.

Twelve weeks of hard work and consistency, and most clients at U.P. will find they have achieved a physical transformation beyond what they ever thought possible.

LK: Are those results maintainable?
SM: Our transformation programmes are never a ‘quick fix’. One of the things we pride ourselves upon most at U.P. is working with our clients to affect real and lasting lifestyle changes.

The transformation process is a real education for every one of our clients on how to train, eat, and live optimally. Whether that’s learning about how to structure their diet and eating, understanding the foods that work best for their body, understanding how to really train for results, or how to improve their sleep, stress and energy levels through lifestyle change, clients take away these lifelong skills and knowledge from the personal training team here, who really are the world’s best.

Once you understand your own body, and the training and diet that works best for you, following the core principles we teach every client at U.P, means staying in shape or keeping weight off can be simple.

LK: Is drinking and eating out completely off the cards during a transformation?
SM: Drinking and eating out is never completely off the cards – at the end of the day, making lasting changes to your lifestyle means learning about finding a healthy balance in life.

It always comes down to each individual client how quickly they want results and how consistent they want to be during the transformation process. We give every client the knowledge about finding this balance and being able to make the right food choices when eating out that won’t affect their progress. This knowledge is invaluable for maintaining lasting results beyond the transformation process.

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LK: Roughly how many hours a week would someone need to commit?
SM: Many clients we work with are ‘time-poor’ CEOs and business executives who simply don’t have hours and hours to spend in the gym every day. We have built our global reputation on our ‘maximum results, minimum time’ mantra, and our training methodologies are designed to deliver just that.

Many of our clients will train with us just three hours a week; but we make every second and every rep of those hour-long sessions count. That can be as little as 36 sessions over a 12-week transformation to achieve our iconic ‘before and after’ results. But results don’t just come from that hour in the gym – the other 23 hours in a day are equally critical.

This is something our personal trainers work closely with clients on to support them outside of the gym to get their diet, sleep, stress levels and myriad other elements right to get the best possible results.

LK: How often can clients check in with their coach?
SM: Our personal trainers are there around the clock, every step of the way for their clients to ensure that every question is answered, every need is attended, and every piece of knowledge imparted so they can focus on giving 100% in the gym and achieve their fitness goals.

LK: Are there any restrictions on who can do a U.P. programme?
SM: We can and do work with a range of clients who travel the globe for work, clients with special dietary requirements, and clients trying to overcome chronic health problems, illness and injury.

LK: Do you offer anything in terms of conditioning, recovery or wellness?
SM: We have a chiropractor who works in London with our clients to keep them 100% and able to recover well, so they can train hard and effectively, free of injury or impediment.

The high-intensity nature of our weight training programmes provide ample conditioning for our clients, many who come to us looking to get in shape for marathons, triathlons, obstacle races, cycling challenges and even Everest climbs. But we also incorporate modified strongman training and met-con (metabolic condition) components into our workout programmes as additional conditioning tools.

LK: Finally, can you recommend any tools or services to make training and diet easier to stick to?
SM: Ultimate Performance offers a gourmet meal preparation service called EatUP.

The ever-evolving menu was designed by our in-house professional chef alongside our elite personal training, so it combines the best of mouth-watering cuisine with optimum nutrition to fuel a body transformation. It’s designed for busy clients who want results, but don’t have time to do meal preparation so they can enjoy delicious meals they can grab and go and know have the exact macronutrients they need to reach their body transformation goals.

Every meal is low carb, high protein and with a portion of healthy fats to support optimum body composition. The macronutrient profile of every meal is meticulously calculated by our team of chefs and personal trainers, making EatUP food ideal for fat loss, weight loss and lean muscle-building diets.

Ultimate Performance Kensington – Where & How?

U.P. Kensington is located 62/64 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 4PE. For more information, visit

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